Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Full Day on Oahu

After a much needed sleep, I went for a walk around Waikiki. It started pouring at one point, which has apparently been the case for some time this season.

The hometown kid, Barack Obama, is sure one popular guy with many locals.
The beach was as beautiful as ever.
Though seeing tourists with umbrellas was a different sight than last year!

My mom and I picked up our Chicago friend, Toni, and drove up to the north shore town of Kailua where we had breakfast at Boots & Kimo's.
Here's a nice shot of my 88 year old friend, Toni. She absolutely is one of the most hilarious people you'll ever meet!
The restaurant is famous for their banana pancakes covered with a homemade Macadamia Nut sauce. Yum x 1,000 ! ! !
This isn't a very good shot but this little Hawaiian girl should be in commercials. Absolutely adorable!
We then continued on our drive around the North Shore of Oahu. It was windy but fairly clear.

The palm trees give away a hint of the strength of the wind.

Here are my two fellow travelers.
Toni wanted to try the cooked shrimp. Giovanni's came highly recommended.

They definitely didn't disappoint! I highly recommend the Scampi (garlic butter) variety.
The wind made for some pretty strong waves.
Back in Waikiki, my mom & I decided to join Toni for church.
The stained glass windows inside are spectacular!

We dropped off Toni and then went to try one of our favourites, the Rainbow Drive-In.

A long day but a fun one!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Journey to Honolulu

I woke up at 4:00am and caught a taxi to the airport 30 minutes later. At 7:00am I was on my way down to Los Angeles. It was a small Canadair plane and was barely 1/3 full.

This is the famous "Theme Building" at LAX. I seem to recall that Cindy Crawford's husband operates the restaurant in it.

For those that can't wait to get the latest electronic gadget, Best Buy comes through with this vending machine:

The airplane to Honolulu was a large 767-400 and was absolutely packed! It was a perfect day with blue skies and puffy white clouds.
As we were landing I captured this photo. From Right to Left is: Diamond Head, Waikiki, and Honolulu.
The weather was windy but otherwise sunny & warm. It was great to be back in Paradise!
This is the famous Ilikai Hotel, which appeared numerous times in Hawaii Five-O.
After checking in, I immediately headed over to the Pagoda Restaurant, where I met up with Ayuri and her mom, Takako, from Osaka, Japan. Ayuri and her husband, Hiro, are fellow Virtual Tourist (VT) members.
Also joining us was a gentleman named Eli, who was a local VT member.

Rex Murphy: The Hypocrisy of National Geographic

Thanks to commenter Mary T, I learned of this video editorial from Rex Murphy. He points out an obvious fact, which is seemingly beyond the grasp of understanding of many on the Left: In order to enjoy the benefits of the modern society, some parts of the Earth need to be damaged, even if just temporarily. Failure to do this means no energy, no materials, and ultimately no modern lifestyle.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Slow Death of the CBC

The stated mandate of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is to provide a Canadian voice to the media, be it on TV, on the Radio, and on the Internet. Because Canada is made up of over 33 Million people, one would naturally conclude that this publicly supported media giant would be as representative of this population as possible. On this front the CBC is an abject and complete F-A-I-L-U-R-E ! ! !

Over a long period the CBC has essentially devolved into the Toronto Broadcasting Corporation of the Left and Extreme Left. Its news division serves as the proxy PR agents of the federal Liberal and NDP parties.

The fact that no one at the network, save for Rex Murphy periodically, says anything that resonates with Center Right or Far Right Canadians gives the CBC an "F" for both objectivity and meeting its mandate.

I rarely tune into the network anymore but when I do, it simply confirms that nothing has changed, even though promises were made late last year that "they were listening" and "changes would be coming". I've formally complained twice in recent months but it's pointless as the executives at the CBC are absolutely deaf to any criticisms or even mild suggestions.

The recent $65 Million shortfall at the CBC is discussed on SDA here. Plus, Charles Adler discussed the same earlier today with Beryl Wajsman. You can listen to it here, starting at 7:00. Absolutely delicious ear candy!!!

Actual Conversation from Earlier Today

Ring Ring Ring

M/C: "Hello, this is xxxxxx Mastercard. How can I help you?"

Me: "Hi. I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow and wanted to let you know so that you don't think it's fraud when I use my card in other locations."

M/C: "Yes sir, I can help you with that. Where will you be going?"

Me: "Well, I'm going to Honolulu but will be passing through Los Angeles and will need to use my card in both places."

M/C: "Uh okay, you'll be in Hon-o-lu-lu but will also be in Los-Ang-e . . . ummm, is Los Angeles a province?"

Me: "Huhhhhhhhh???"

M/C: "Is Los Angeles a province?"

Me: "Uhhh, no. It's a large city in California."

M/C: "Okay, Cal-i-for-nia."

Note: I'm 99% sure the fellow I was speaking with lives in Can-a-da!!!

A Big Test for Liberal Women of Ontario

If you're a woman in Ontario and describe yourself as "liberal" or "very liberal" then be prepared to shower with naked male strangers at your health club or face the wrath of the Ontario "Human Rights" Commission. I wish I were kidding! Here's the full story.

Clueless Martin Finds Inner Piece Amongst the Pantless!

Question: If Stephen Harper or Stockwell Day or Sarah Palin were in this photo instead, can any reasonable person deny that it would be front page news for weeks?!?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark Levin Raises the Alarm Bell on Barack Obama

Sarah Palin Speaks Out About The Corrupt MSM

In an interview for the forthcoming documentary "Media Malpractice" Governor Sarah Palin, for the first time at length, takes on the media coverage of her and the 2008 campaign. Historians will look back at the 2008 American Election Campaign and note it as a low point in the once great history of journalism.

Rainy Day Traffic in Metro Vancouver

I took my dad out for lunch and caught this video before we left.

Super Cool Photo Manipulation Site

Have you run out of ideas about how to use your zillions of digital photos in new & interesting ways. Well, a website called Big Huge Labs offers some cool tools to create neat images with your photos!

Another Inconvenient Truth

Canada's corrupt mainstream media refused to ask The Messiah (aka Barack Obama) even one difficult question. Yet they're always quick to condemn Canada's Oil Sands. Click on the image above to read more.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monty Python: Hitler in England

National Socialism in modern day England:

Geert Wilders on Glenn Beck's Show

The Radical Left in Canada and the U.S. have no respect for Free Speech but they're mere amateurs at silencing others compared to their cousins in Europe.

A Few Thoughts on Newspapers

A favourite writer of mine, Amy Alkon, posted this piece on her blog. Here's the comment I left her:

If a food manufacturer were consistently putting out a product that made people sick, would they be allowed to continue "as is"?

If a courier company consistently delivered packages late and damaged, would people continue to give them their business?

If an engineering firm consistently erected bridges that collapsed, would they be allowed to continue their work "as is"?

My PROBLEM with the MSM is that their "News" is no longer N-E-W-S. Most every story I read has a significant bias to it, which makes me immediately distrust the writer and the story.

Editorials can be slanted any which way the writer(s) want but not news.

The day that journalists once again decide to follow professional ethics then I will support newspapers again. Right now they're neither professional nor ethical.

Dennis Miller Quotation

"The North Koreans bluffed Jimmy Carter like he was an Amish kid playing poker on Metallica's tour bus!"

PM Stephen Harper on Larry Kudlow's Show

Americans could learn a LOT about banking from Canada. Watch our superb Prime Minister on Larry Kudlow's show.

Bill Good = Ignoramus Extraordinaire

CKNW's Bill Good is such an ignorant ass, when he wants to be. This morning he had Dennis Miller on for a short 15 minute segment. Good appeared shocked when Miller stated that he thought extremely highly of George Bush's stance on Radical Islam and its threat to our civilization.

After Miller had left, Good said to a caller, "Oh Dennis Miller just thinks that way because he's very conservative." He also added, on another tangent, that "Obama is doing everything he can to reach out to Republicans".

So many things wrong with these statements...

First off, the manner in which he used the term "very conservative" was clearly a derogatory slam against Miller. Though Good reminds everyone on a daily basis about how "centrist" he is, clearly the years of drinking CBC Kool-Aid have had a lasting effect. All members of the Conservative Party of Canada should be aware of this man's strong bias every time they get interrogated ... errr "interviewed" by him.

Secondly, in point of fact, Dennis Miller is not "very conservative". In general, he's extremely liberal on most social issues. It's just that with this one issue of Radical Islam, he has drawn a line in the sand to protect his family and their future. Too bad the Bill Good's of the world think that self-preservation is an insane notion.

Finally, as for Obama reaching out to Republicans, if Good didn't have the Man Crush on The Messiah that he does, he would clearly realize that exactly the opposite has occurred.

The state of the Canadian Media in 2009 = Pathetic!

Update: Here's an addendum to my hypothesis that most of the media are mere puppets for Barack Obama (provided by SDA regular "ET") :

Yes, the media are lying. But so is Obama and his team and the Democrats. When Obama says 'bipartisanship', he doesn't mean that the Democrats and the Republicans will work on policies and programs together. Heck no. What he means is that the Republicans will not dissent, will not criticize, will not reject His Will.

Obama is a Sovereign Ruler. As in the Leviathan. An Absolute Sovereign who rules by Divine Will. The people, both in their states, and against Amendment 10, give up ALL rights, even the right to disagree. There is no 'right of dissent', no 'right of rebellion'.

This is a unitary, monlithic authoritarianism, invested with a messianic divinity, inalienable and it cannot err. The Sovereign is always Right and the only interaction of the people to the Sovereign - is devotion and acceptance. That's the Obamic mode.

Let's watch how and whether the States stand up to this transformation of the US government from a constitutional democracy by the people, for the people, of the an absolutist state governed by a Sovereign Will unfettered by law, where the people have lost all rights, including the right to rebel.

And let's watch and see how this Sovereign Will moves to inhibit and prevent questions, criticism and dissent. The repression of the Washington Post 'chimpanzee cartoon' and Obama's personal attacks against Hannity and Limbaugh are only the beginning.

Bill Reid's "The Spirit of Haida Gwaii"

Every time I visit YVR I always try to get a glimpse of Bill Reid's masterpiece. Last night was no exception. You can learn more about it here.

Surreal Moment at YVR

I drove out to the airport at 11:30pm in order to pick up my uncle, who was flying home from Hawaii. So there I was, waiting around the International Arrivals area when on the large screen TV came the news report about the death of Robert Dziekanski just metres away from where I was standing! They played the video over & over again in slow motion while everyone in the waiting lounge watched.

They've remodeled the place completely though that it would be impossible for a newcomer to YVR to even know where the incident happened.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The GM & Chrysler Fiasco

David Berner has an excellent piece on the auto-manufacturing bailout.

Here's the comment I left:

Let's not ever forget the original impetus for this stupid bailout plan: Jack Layton and Stephane Dion, supported by Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae. They DEMANDED that a bailout of the failing auto-sector occur ... no matter what.

Their demands were met ... big time!

At the same time, the executives of GM & Chrysler have accepted no significant cuts to their remuneration. As far as I know, the Canadian Auto Workers Union hasn't given up anything.

So effectively our hard earned tax dollars are going towards gold-plated salaries and benefits packages of a precious few. And make no mistake, now that the $$$$$ have started rolling out of Ottawa and down Hwy 401 to the auto-plants, it'll be extremely difficult to ever shut off that flow.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Rugby

Anti-Semitism: Alive & Well in CUPE Ontario

Despicable news from the CUPE Ontario conference in Windsor, Ontario.

Congratulations CUPE members, you've performed a two-fer:
  1. Shown how you feel about Free Speech in Canada.

  2. Shown your true colours toward Jews.

Brilliant! Now be sure to teach your children well ... so that we can get a whole new generation of bigots. Sigh.

Shame on you all! Truly, SHAME On You ALL!!!

Can Canada's Demise Be Far Off?

Which side of the war would you like to be on? [Mark Steyn]

Old-fashioned types might think that those Britons - okay, make that "Britons" - helping to manufacture bombs for the Taliban are engaged in an act of treason. But, as a current court case in Quebec helps clarify, giving support to the Queen's enemies in their attempts to kill your compatriots is now just another vibrant, colorful manifestation of cultural diversity.

As the International Free Press Society notes, Said Namouh is on trial up north for aiding and abetting terrorism. The Crown charges that Mr Namouh distributed jihadist snuff videos, offered advice on bomb-making, volunteered his expertise for a planned truck bombing, and threatened governnments (including Canada's) with troops in Afghanistan. Defense counsel René Duvall doesn't deny any of this, but says his client's enthusiasm for violent jihad is protected on grounds of freedom of religion and (mirthless chuckle from your humble typist) Canadians' cherished right to freedom of expression. As Maître Duvall put it outside the court, "Where do you draw the line?"

In fact, the line seems to be pretty clear: If a jihadist says he wants to kill Canadian troops, he's just exercising his right to freedom of religion. If I quote what he said in Canada's biggest-selling news weekly, we'll be charged with "flagrant Islamophobia" and hauled up in court.

Meanwhile, the genius jurists at the British Columbia "Human Rights" Tribunal (which devoted one day of last June's show trial to examining the "tone" of my jokes) have rejected a "hate speech" complaint against the Koran. Fair enough, but the grounds for rejection are striking:

Humphreys dismissed the case after ruling that Simpson’s complaint would not further the purposes of the Human Rights Code.

As Commissar Humphreys sees it, the "Human Rights" Code is not merely a set of laws to be applied to all citizens equally, but has ideological objectives which take precedence.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Brave Little Pakistani Girl

Meet a little girl named "Tuba" who lives on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. She writes constantly:

  • About the oppression of children in Pakistan.
  • That girls can't go to school in certain parts of the country.
  • That the Taliban is an oppressive and murderous regime.
Without question, this makes her braver than:
  • U.S. TV networks: ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, & PBS
  • Canadian TV networks: CBC, CTV, & Global
  • U.S. Newspapers: The NY Times, the Washington Post, and the L.A. Times
  • Canadian Newspapers: The Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star
  • Large parts of the U.S. Democrat Party
  • The Liberal Party of Canada and the NDP
  • The American National Organization of Women
  • Status of Women Canada
ALL of these aforementioned media outlets, political parties, and special interest organizations refuse to deal head on and clearly with the significant problem of oppression of women & children by Fundamentalist Islamists. One can only conclude that to do so would conflict with their politically correct views of the world. And that would make them uncomfortable. It's beyond sick!