Friday, February 20, 2009

An Accurate Take on Canada's Corrupt Media

From a brilliant woman in Ontario:

I think it is clear that our biased MSM is hostile to Harper, for no reason other than that he is not a Liberal and the majority of the MSM all assume that the Liberal Party, regardless of its policies/no policies is the 'Natural Governing Party'.

This MSM ignores the Liberal corruption, ignores Adscam, ignores the stacking of the Senate with their cronies, ignores the patronage and cronyism of that Liberal Party in Ottawa - they are all part of this same 'gang'. Their anger against Harper is simply because he is there.

The fact that he is highly competent is something that they won't even refer to; it is totally and utterly ignored by our MSM.

Their juvenile adoration of Obama - and I simply fail to understand WHY - shows up when someone like Tom Clark gushes on CTV that Obama said 'he loves Canada'..isn't that great'!! Doesn't the idiot think that such a statement is not merely meaningless but only political? After all, how could anyone make such a statement about a country or person or whatever...when they have never, ever, visited the country before? Never set foot in it?

Oh, and Obama 'touched' Harper - that shows his friendship. When Bush did that, it showed his dominance over Harper.

The bias, the juvenile gushing of our MSM over Obama is shameful. And the insistent sneers at Harper - shameful. Meanwhile, the MSM is constantly, endlessly, promoting Ignatieff.

One article, if you can believe it, assures us that Obama and Ignatieff talked about mutual cafes they went to at Harvard, and tells us that both Obama and Ignatieff are 'intellects', deep thinkers...ignoring that Obama's two books are only autobiographies and most certainly not analytical or deep thoughts.

Other articles point out that Harper 'basked in Obama's light'...disgusting.

That's our MSM. By the way, does the MSM remember that Ignatieff signed the coalition agreement - the most vicious attack on our democratic rights in the history of this country?

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Rick in MB said...

Funny, don't you think, that there was not one report of Obama saying that he was glad to be in Iowa -er Ottawa. Imagine for a moment if Harper went to Washington and said he was glad to be in Winnipeg. The MSM would never stop running the clip - they would open the news broadcast with it and play it every other minute thereafter until the entire country demanded he resign. When George Bush misspoke they were called Bushisims. Had Sarah Palin made the same gaffe, Saturday Night Live would have had a special show to remind everyone what was said.

Now did Obama make a simple mistake? Yes - but the double standard is glaring. The fact they continue to ignore these slip ups make them more and more important, especially given the past actions by the MSM.