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Not Everyone is a Canucks Fan

It appears that Mr. Toronto, David Menzies, doesn't think much of our beloved Canucks. Oh well, he doesn't like people from Saskatchewan either.

I know of at least 450,000 folks who disagree with him!

Remembering Memorial Day in Hawaii

A year ago at this time I was house-sitting in Honolulu, Hawaii. On Memorial Day I made a point of going over to Punchbowl Cemetery to capture video & photos of the events transpiring on this incredible, sacred ground.

To my many American friends, may you take the time this weekend to reflect upon the unbelievable service your brave servicemen & women have given to protect your freedom and way of life.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beyond the Stanley Cup

I, and my fellow Vancouverites, are clearly cheering on our Canucks. While they definitely have a good chance to win the Stanley Cup, the real question is, when will they be ready to face the stiff competition Down Under?

False Creek Dragon Boating

Building a Totem Pole

The Media Party's Rigged Game

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Canucks Nation

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tribute to "Gord from Alberta"

A regular commenter on SDA is also a regular caller to Dennis Miller's show. He's a super bright guy who always has interesting insight into whatever subject he's dealing with. Through a little help from yours truly, the creative folks at Miller's show created this:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Big George Webley R.I.P

One of my favourite radio personalities suddenly died. What an incredible loss:

Rest in Peace, George.

Granville Mall at Night

Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Good Advice for Federal Liberals

I left a comment on another blog.  I thought it worthwhile to repost here:

I've never voted for the federal Liberals but I think it's critical to Canada for them to come back to become the official opposition. Why? Because eventually the Tories will lose an election. When that occurs, do we really want the NDP to assume control of the treasury?!

Living out in B.C. I've witnessed two NDP governments in my life. Both times they destroyed the economy of my province. Folks on the Left excel at rewriting history but that's precisely what happened.

Back on the federal scene, how do the Liberals restore themselves? What they truly need to do is go back to basics and figure out what they stand for; not what the polls say they should stand for on each issue, but what they actually stand for. Then take some humility pills to help stop the arrogance towards rural Canadians and those in the West. Finally, and only then, find a charismatic leader who exudes the same values that the party stands for.

This is what they need to do. Will they be able to do it? Not likely. There's just too much pride & ego running through the veins of Liberal Party members. That's pathetic for the future of the Liberal Party of Canada and most unfortunate for the future of Canada.

Summer in Vancouver

Just a little something to welcome all visitors to my part of the world this summer!

Do watch Full Screen and in HD if you can!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Adam Carolla Interviews Andrew Breitbart

How can anyone listen to this discussion and come away still believing in Leftist / Socialist / Democrat policies?


  • The never-ending hypocrisy of rich Leftists in Hollywood
  • How the Left has interfered with every aspect of life in California
  • How construction in Metro Los Angeles has become corrupt with graft

Language warning but well worth a listen!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An Interesting Discussion on Multiculturalism

This past Sunday I had the great honour to participate in a discussion on multiculturalism on Roy Green's radio program.  

If you disagree with what I or the others said, I'd be most interested to hear why.  I just ask that you show me a modicum of respect by publishing your full name, so I know who I'm conversing with.

Old Quote

"Passion is the sweet acorn of life, wrapped up and concealed, but always ready to break free with the right touch."

I found this quotation in an old journal of mine dated 2000-05-25. I just searched for it on the Internet but could not find it so I think I'm the likely author!