Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Federal Election: The Results from Richmond, BC

The results from the riding of Richmond, just south of Vancouver, are most interesting. This used to be a Liberal stronghold of Raymond Chan but no longer.  Alice Wong, of the Conservatives, obliterated the opposition.  It wasn't even close!

A friend called me up last night and asked whether I thought it peculiar that the other parties hadn't run Chinese-Canadian candidates.  I hadn't even noticed this before.  His question centered around the fact that recent census data has shown that Richmond is about 58% Chinese ethnicity.  Looking at the results today I noticed that Ms. Wong's vote share is also around 58%.  There's no direct correlation though that all the Chinese-Canadian residents voted for her and everyone else voted for the others.


Anonymous said...

That is nonsense. I am a Chinese Canadian and I am a liberal supporter.

Robert W. said...


What is nonsense? Did you actually read what I wrote? I specifically said that one cannot draw a direct correlation between the 58% Chinese ethnicity in Richmond and Alice Wong's 58.33% support.