Monday, June 27, 2005

Hosting Guests from Other Countries

Today is the second I've had hosting two Finnish high school teachers. One of them, Nina, I met in July 1992 while I was backpacking around Western Europe. I met her again a few years later in Toronto but then we lost touch. But through the power of Google she found me! Nina and her friend, Hilla, flew from Helsinki to Toronto to Regina. They spent a week in Saskatchewan and then took the train here to Vancouver. Yesterday we explored a great deal of my beautiful city. They loved it! Our annual Jazz Festival had just begun so we had musical accompaniment. I love being a tour guide generally, but to listen to the comments of a non-North American is especially interesting to me, as it often provides a new insight into places I've seen a thousand times before. Plus, I'm lucky because they're super guests and not a burden whatsoever.