Friday, April 29, 2011

The Perfect Photo if Jack Layton Seizes Power in Canada

In case you have any doubt about what kind of bird that is, here's a shot of one in a more traditional pose:

Cherry Blossoms Aplenty!

Heron Closeups

I was down at Granville Island today and, for whatever reason, didn't intimidate a heron that was nearby.  In fact, when I moved 10 metres, he walked over to me.  A wonderfully still subject!

Great Tips for Protecting Your Brain

Thursday, April 28, 2011

George Orwell vs. The Liberal Mind

On Facebook recently I posted a link to this story.  It's about a singer in the UK who was hauled into a police station.  The "crime" he was being investigated for?  Singing "Kung Fu Fighting".

This story falls in the shadow of the BC "Human Rights" Tribunal recently convicting comedian Guy Earle for offending two drunk hecklers in a Vancouver comedy club.  He has been ordered to pay them $15,000 and can never again appear on stage in British Columbia in his lifetime.

Both stories are perfect examples of how insanely stupid things have become in the politically correct nations of Britain and Canada.  What I'm equally dismayed about is how few people in these countries care that such travesties on Free Speech Rights are occurring. 

To shine a spotlight on the mentality of those who think it's perfectly fine for the State to move into the realm of Thought Police, let me share with you the discussion that resulted from my posting of the UK story.  The one relevant piece of background info is that the "Liberal" is a well educated 20-something woman, born & raised in Vancouver:

Me: Do you really think that the State has any role deciding what is said or not said in a Comedy Club or what songs may be sung? I'm curious, do you?

Liberal: I believe the citizen has a right to inform the authorities about abusive or racist speech/ propaganda.  As for the validity of the claims, it's up to the law and evidence to decide.  I'm not saying that this "victim" in the Isle of Wight is right (don't know all the facts), but he did choose to listen and took offense ... he reported to the police ... in the end the police did not charge the singer.

An American friend: If you think the "authorities" should decide what can and can't be said, you should try living in other countries where that happens and see how that plays out for you. Best of luck.

Liberal: I am and will always proud to be Canadian. I don't presume to know you, so don't do the same to me.

Me: I think you're a wonderful person but I strongly believe that Canada is far worse off for outlawing speech that offends others. Seriously, it's much akin to George Orwell's "1984" :-(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Go Dog, Go!

I recently gave one of my nephews this book:  It was one of my most favourites from when I was a kid.  Though I've been allergic to dogs for most of my life, I still adore them immensely.  Shown below are some recent shots of dogs (and other things pooch-related) around Vancouver: