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A Most Excellent Analysis on America's Budget Crisis

Over at SDA I posted this.  One of the best commenters on the site, 'ET' wrote this:

I’m astonished at the mendacious and malicious political agenda of Obama and the Democrats.

Obama has only one goal; his power over others and his re-election. He’s not interested in America or Americans. His agenda is to BUY his re-election, by expanding the Dependent Class (dependent on govt funding). This class is made up of the unionized public service (Obama’s Stimulus was geared to preserving their jobs and wasn’t meant for ‘shovel-ready’ private enterprise)..and the exploding ratio of people who pay no taxes but live off social security, unemployment and other benefits. I’d include the illegals in this set and Obama’s agenda (DREAM) is to bring them into his following.

To do this, Obama needs to increase the deficit to expand the entitlement programs. And, he wants more money; I’m betting that he wants to give all his following some special benefit during his campaign this fall/next year.

Obama would, in my view, actually like a default; remember, Obama influences people by emotional manipulation ..Remember his Hope and Change, his oceans ceasing to rise, his Pass the Stimulus or the Economy Will Tank; his Pass ObamaCare or doctors will cut off your limbs for money. And note how he divides people into ethnic groups (Hispanics – fight your enemies!); into race; into political partisans. Obama enjoys sitting back and watching groups fight each other..

Obama would like a default so that he can blame his newest enemy: the Tea Party. Obama considers them a threat to his re-election..and his re-election is all that matters.

But – think about the rhetoric against the Tea Party – that they are hardline radicals. WHAT? What is radical about wanting limited government, reduced taxation..and a…think about it..a balanced budget.

But – say those two words: BAlANCED a Democrat, and they fall over as if zapped by an evil curse.

These axioms of the Tea Party: its focus on fiscal responsibility, not spending more than you take in, reducing taxation to enable INVESTMENT within and by the private sector…and balancing your budget. These are simple, basic ordinary commonsense!!!! What’s radical?

What I find evil – and I use the word with intent – is the bland careless agenda of ‘living-in-the-red’; of constantly living, not on what you earn but on what you can borrow. Oh – and you have no intention of paying it off. heck no, your children and grandchildren can do that. Now – is that responsible? Is that mature? Is that do that to the future generation?

This is an economic mode that operates only within Consumption and focuses on expanding Consumers. How? By taxing the private sector, which is the only part of an economy that produces wealth (the public sector consumes but does not produce wealth)..and then giving this money to the that they can consume.

BUT - this means that you've deprived the economy of any money to INVEST! No savings to lend to new businesses; no money to repair infrastructure (it all goes to unionized public service); no money to hire more workers; no money to set up a new factory. You've starved the nation of its capacity to produce wealth..because you've eaten all its investment money.

This Obama-Democrat Gang have one focus: Power. They use entitlements and ‘freebies’ to ensnare a passive, increasingly dependent following. They deliberately destroy the middle class, the small businessman (who are in that 200,000 income range, a range that Obama redefines as ‘a millionaire).

They are sucking up all the wealth/profit of these small businesses and thus preventing INVESTMENT and preventing more hiring, preventing expansion of these businesses. Why?

They want the give to CONSUMERS. But an economy that CONSUMES all its wealth and doesn’t INVEST it…is finished.

That’s Obama. The Tea Party, on the other hand, is based on commonsense, realism, and responsibility. Now, why is that defined as radical?

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Oddly Groomed Cat

I encountered this cat on Vancouver's West Side. I don't know much about cats and am wondering if this sort of grooming is common amongst cats? I'd never seen such a "haircut" before!

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Quick Tip When Buying a Car

Recently, when I purchased my car, the dealer wanted $1,600 to apply 4 different "Platinum Shield Protections" to it.  I balked at the high price.  They offered to lower it down to $1,200 but by then I had already done my research and found a 3rd Party place in town that did EXACTLY the same thing for $380.  In fact, dealers use them too.  This sort of insane markup is apparently standard practice in the industry

Don't buy the argument that "someone else may not do it correctly".  If you do your research and find a shop that offers this guarantee, then you'll know that you're getting exactly the same work done as if you had gone to the dealer.  In fact, if you put a hidden GPS tracker on your car, you might find out that it's being done by exactly the same people, albeit at 3 to 4 times the price.  Buyer beware!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Fallout of the Tragedy in Norway

There has been quite a bit of discussion over on SDA about the mass murder in Norway.  In a comment there, I had this to add:

The bludgeoning of conservatives by Radical Leftists on this issue has gotten really tiresome & despicable in no time flat.  The modus operandi of such schmucks is always the same:

0. Forget about any compassion for those who died or their families.
1. Without any facts in hand, blame it on a Far Right nut.
2. Extend the blame to everyone of a conservative viewpoint.
3. If the identity of the perpetrator turns out not to be as described in #1 then quickly sweep everything under the rug and pretend that the false accusations ever happened.

In this case it does appear that it was indeed a Far Right nutter.  He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  I would have no problem with him receiving the death penalty within 30 days.

But are we now to infer that:

a. All Christians are homicidal maniacs?
b. Uncontrolled immigration policies are perfectly fine?
c. Multi-cultist views, which hold oppression of women in some societies just as legitimate as traditional Canadian values, are peachy keen?
d. Uncontrolled public-sector spending, racking up endless amounts of debt are okay with everyone?
e. Systemic incompetence throughout the public sector and the near impossibility of firing any public sector worker should be ignored?


An Evening at Spanish Banks

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Más Flores

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Audis & Rabbits

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