Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Fallout of the Tragedy in Norway

There has been quite a bit of discussion over on SDA about the mass murder in Norway.  In a comment there, I had this to add:

The bludgeoning of conservatives by Radical Leftists on this issue has gotten really tiresome & despicable in no time flat.  The modus operandi of such schmucks is always the same:

0. Forget about any compassion for those who died or their families.
1. Without any facts in hand, blame it on a Far Right nut.
2. Extend the blame to everyone of a conservative viewpoint.
3. If the identity of the perpetrator turns out not to be as described in #1 then quickly sweep everything under the rug and pretend that the false accusations ever happened.

In this case it does appear that it was indeed a Far Right nutter.  He should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  I would have no problem with him receiving the death penalty within 30 days.

But are we now to infer that:

a. All Christians are homicidal maniacs?
b. Uncontrolled immigration policies are perfectly fine?
c. Multi-cultist views, which hold oppression of women in some societies just as legitimate as traditional Canadian values, are peachy keen?
d. Uncontrolled public-sector spending, racking up endless amounts of debt are okay with everyone?
e. Systemic incompetence throughout the public sector and the near impossibility of firing any public sector worker should be ignored?


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