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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Historical Video from Peter Schiff

This video, shot on November 13, 2006, is 73 minutes long but well worth it. Peter Schiff made some brilliant common sense predictions about what was to happen in the coming years ... and much has come true!

Common Sense Conservatism

Here's the text of the speech from Sarah Palin given in Hong Kong on September 23, 2009. Great, great stuff!

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Victim Fantasies of the Radical Left

I don't know about you but this deeply troubles me. Yet further evidence of the Left inventing facts & rewriting history to better suit their own narrative.

An Honest Version of Barack Obama?

Friday, September 18, 2009

The False Logic of Those Using the Race Card over Obamacare

The Almighty Iggy

Even though Michael Ignatieff had nothing to do with the recent confidence test passing, in his own mind he was still very much there.

Charles Krauthammer's Take on Maureen Dowd

Congress Veers Left on Health Care

Interesting article by Kimberley A. Strassel.

Best comment of the bunch:

Does anyone really believe that Obama will not do what Obama has always wanted to do?

The country that voted him into power does not like what he is proposing? So?? A tyrannical despot does not care as to what the country may think or how it may have changed even if it did vote him (53% anyway) in as President.

HealthCare is the biggest prize for Obama's philosophy - to contain and destroy as much of the productive capacities of the US of A and take away as much personal freedom people may have and place as much control in the hand of Federal Bureaucrats and authoritarians who would control every aspect of people's lives.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lighthouse Park

Yesterday I went on a hike with two special friends to West Vancouver's Lighthouse Park. In case you're wondering, the lighthouse is the Point Atkinson Lighthouse and the mountain behind the Vancouver skyline is Mt. Baker.

What's Wrong with California is Wrong with America

George Will explains in great detail some of the key reasons why California is bankrupt: in a sentence, public sector greed and corruption is destroying the state. And where goes California, so goes America. :-(

Update: Amy Alkon shares her own personal story of the insanity in California schools.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hockey Canada Cup 2009

August 30th: Practice Day #2

August 31st: Game Day #1

September 1st: Game Day #2

September 2nd: Game Day #3

September 3rd: Game Day #4

September 5th: Playoff Day #1

With apologies, I missed the last day of the tournament. :-( Finland beat Sweden 1-0 in the Bronze Medal Game and the United States beat Canada 2-1 in the Gold Medal Game.