Friday, September 26, 2008

Visit to America: Day 1

My mom & I embarked on our big trip today! We caught the Quick Shuttle around 9:20am, though it was supposed to be there 15 minutes earlier.

Unlike times past, the bus was absolutely full. When we got to the U.S. border my heart sank when I saw how many buses were ahead of us. It took over an hour to get through when normally it would take less than 15 minutes.

I kept hoping that we'd make up the lost time but it was not to be. In fact, we had to stop at every location along the way: Bellingham Airport, Tulalip Mall, and downtown Seattle too.

We were supposed to arrive at SeaTac at 1:20pm but didn't get there until 3:00pm, just a few minutes before our scheduled departure. So getting to Dallas today was not to be. With the help of my friend, Mike, he helped us book a nearby hotel using Hotwire. We're safe & sound now, but it has been a really long day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Another "Moderate" Liberal

I've been frequently chastised that I'm unfair about grouping all liberals together. With that in mind, let's examine what Florida Democrat Congressman, Alcee Hastings, said yesterday. He warned minority groups "to beware of Sarah Palin because 'anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and Blacks'.”

And the outrage against this comment from "moderate liberals"? Sorry but all I hear are grasshoppers chirping in the silence.

Just imagine the outrage if a McCain-Palin supporter had said something similar!

The Letter from 122 Top Economists to Congress

To the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore of the Senate:

As economists, we want to express to Congress our great concern for the plan proposed by Treasury Secretary Paulson to deal with the financial crisis. We are well aware of the difficulty of the current financial situation and we agree with the need for bold action to ensure that the financial system continues to function. We see three fatal pitfalls in the currently proposed plan:

1) Its fairness. The plan is a subsidy to investors at taxpayers’ expense. Investors who took risks to earn profits must also bear the losses. Not every business failure carries systemic risk. The government can ensure a well-functioning financial industry, able to make new loans to creditworthy borrowers, without bailing out particular investors and institutions whose choices proved unwise.

2) Its ambiguity. Neither the mission of the new agency nor its oversight are clear. If taxpayers are to buy illiquid and opaque assets from troubled sellers, the terms, occasions, and methods of such purchases must be crystal clear ahead of time and carefully monitored afterwards.

3) Its long-term effects. If the plan is enacted, its effects will be with us for a generation. For all their recent troubles, America's dynamic and innovative private capital markets have brought the nation unparalleled prosperity. Fundamentally weakening those markets in order to calm short-run disruptions is desperately short-sighted.

For these reasons we ask Congress not to rush, to hold appropriate hearings, and to carefully consider the right course of action, and to wisely determine the future of the financial industry and the U.S. economy for years to come.

Signed (updated at 9/25/2008 8:30AM CT)

Acemoglu Daron (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
Adler Michael (Columbia University)
Admati Anat R. (Stanford University)
Alexis Marcus (Northwestern University)
Alvarez Fernando (University of Chicago)
Andersen Torben (Northwestern University)
Baliga Sandeep (Northwestern University)
Banerjee Abhijit V. (Massachussets Institute of Technology)
Barankay Iwan (University of Pennsylvania)
Barry Brian (University of Chicago)
Bartkus James R. (Xavier University of Louisiana)
Becker Charles M. (Duke University)
Becker Robert A. (Indiana University)
Beim David (Columbia University)
Berk Jonathan (Stanford University)
Bisin Alberto (New York University)
Bittlingmayer George (University of Kansas)
Boldrin Michele (Washington University)
Brooks Taggert J. (University of Wisconsin)
Brynjolfsson Erik (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Buera Francisco J. (UCLA)
Camp Mary Elizabeth (Indiana University)
Carmel Jonathan (University of Michigan)
Carroll Christopher (Johns Hopkins University)
Cassar Gavin (University of Pennsylvania)
Chaney Thomas (University of Chicago)
Chari Varadarajan V. (University of Minnesota)
Chauvin Keith W. (University of Kansas)
Chintagunta Pradeep K. (University of Chicago)
Christiano Lawrence J. (Northwestern University)
Cochrane John (University of Chicago)
Coleman John (Duke University)
Constantinides George M. (University of Chicago)
Crain Robert (UC Berkeley)
Culp Christopher (University of Chicago)
Da Zhi (University of Notre Dame)
Davis Morris (University of Wisconsin)
De Marzo Peter (Stanford University)
Dubé Jean-Pierre H. (University of Chicago)
Edlin Aaron (UC Berkeley)
Eichenbaum Martin (Northwestern University)
Ely Jeffrey (Northwestern University)
Eraslan Hülya K. K.(Johns Hopkins University)
Faulhaber Gerald (University of Pennsylvania)
Feldmann Sven (University of Melbourne)
Fernandez-Villaverde Jesus (University of Pennsylvania)
Fohlin Caroline (Johns Hopkins University)
Fox Jeremy T. (University of Chicago)
Frank Murray Z.(University of Minnesota)
Frenzen Jonathan (University of Chicago)
Fuchs William (University of Chicago)
Fudenberg Drew (Harvard University)
Gabaix Xavier (New York University)
Gao Paul (Notre Dame University)
Garicano Luis (University of Chicago)
Gerakos Joseph J. (University of Chicago)
Gibbs Michael (University of Chicago)
Glomm Gerhard (Indiana University)
Goettler Ron (University of Chicago)
Goldin Claudia (Harvard University)
Gordon Robert J. (Northwestern University)
Greenstone Michael (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Guadalupe Maria (Columbia University)
Guerrieri Veronica (University of Chicago)
Hagerty Kathleen (Northwestern University)
Hamada Robert S. (University of Chicago)
Hansen Lars (University of Chicago)
Harris Milton (University of Chicago)
Hart Oliver (Harvard University)
Hazlett Thomas W. (George Mason University)
Heaton John (University of Chicago)
Heckman James (University of Chicago - Nobel Laureate)
Henderson David R. (Hoover Institution)
Henisz, Witold (University of Pennsylvania)
Hertzberg Andrew (Columbia University)
Hite Gailen (Columbia University)
Hitsch Günter J. (University of Chicago)
Hodrick Robert J. (Columbia University)
Hopenhayn Hugo (UCLA)
Hurst Erik (University of Chicago)
Imrohoroglu Ayse (University of Southern California)
Isakson Hans (University of Northern Iowa)
Israel Ronen (London Business School)
Jaffee Dwight M. (UC Berkeley)
Jagannathan Ravi (Northwestern University)
Jenter Dirk (Stanford University)
Jones Charles M. (Columbia Business School)
Kaboski Joseph P. (Ohio State University)
Kahn Matthew (UCLA)
Kaplan Ethan (Stockholm University)
Karolyi, Andrew (Ohio State University)
Kashyap Anil (University of Chicago)
Keim Donald B (University of Pennsylvania)
Ketkar Suhas L (Vanderbilt University)
Kiesling Lynne (Northwestern University)
Klenow Pete (Stanford University)
Koch Paul (University of Kansas)
Kocherlakota Narayana (University of Minnesota)
Koijen Ralph S.J. (University of Chicago)
Kondo Jiro (Northwestern University)
Korteweg Arthur (Stanford University)
Kortum Samuel (University of Chicago)
Krueger Dirk (University of Pennsylvania)
Ledesma Patricia (Northwestern University)
Lee Lung-fei (Ohio State University)
Leeper Eric M. (Indiana University)
Leuz Christian (University of Chicago)
Levine David I.(UC Berkeley)
Levine David K.(Washington University)
Levy David M. (George Mason University)
Linnainmaa Juhani (University of Chicago)
Lott John R. Jr. (University of Maryland)
Lucas Robert (University of Chicago - Nobel Laureate)
Luttmer Erzo G.J. (University of Minnesota)
Manski Charles F. (Northwestern University)
Martin Ian (Stanford University)
Mayer Christopher (Columbia University)
Mazzeo Michael (Northwestern University)
McDonald Robert (Northwestern University)
Meadow Scott F. (University of Chicago)
Mehra Rajnish (UC Santa Barbara)
Mian Atif (University of Chicago)
Middlebrook Art (University of Chicago)
Miguel Edward (UC Berkeley)
Miravete Eugenio J. (University of Texas at Austin)
Miron Jeffrey (Harvard University)
Moretti Enrico (UC Berkeley)
Moriguchi Chiaki (Northwestern University)
Moro Andrea (Vanderbilt University)
Morse Adair (University of Chicago)
Mortensen Dale T. (Northwestern University)
Mortimer Julie Holland (Harvard University)
Muralidharan Karthik (UC San Diego)
Nanda Dhananjay (University of Miami)
Nevo Aviv (Northwestern University)
Ohanian Lee (UCLA)
Pagliari Joseph (University of Chicago)
Papanikolaou Dimitris (Northwestern University)
Parker Jonathan (Northwestern University)
Paul Evans (Ohio State University)
Pejovich Svetozar (Steve) (Texas A&M University)
Peltzman Sam (University of Chicago)
Perri Fabrizio (University of Minnesota)
Phelan Christopher (University of Minnesota)
Piazzesi Monika (Stanford University)
Piskorski Tomasz (Columbia University)
Rampini Adriano (Duke University)
Reagan Patricia (Ohio State University)
Reich Michael (UC Berkeley)
Reuben Ernesto (Northwestern University)
Roberts Michael (University of Pennsylvania)
Robinson David (Duke University)
Rogers Michele (Northwestern University)
Rotella Elyce (Indiana University)
Ruud Paul (Vassar College)
Safford Sean (University of Chicago)
Sandbu Martin E. (University of Pennsylvania)
Sapienza Paola (Northwestern University)
Savor Pavel (University of Pennsylvania)
Scharfstein David (Harvard University)
Seim Katja (University of Pennsylvania)
Seru Amit (University of Chicago)
Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia University)
Shimer Robert (University of Chicago)
Shore Stephen H. (Johns Hopkins University)
Siegel Ron (Northwestern University)
Smith David C. (University of Virginia)
Smith Vernon L.(Chapman University- Nobel Laureate)
Sorensen Morten (Columbia University)
Spiegel Matthew (Yale University)
Stevenson Betsey (University of Pennsylvania)
Stokey Nancy (University of Chicago)
Strahan Philip (Boston College)
Strebulaev Ilya (Stanford University)
Sufi Amir (University of Chicago)
Tabarrok Alex (George Mason University)
Taylor Alan M. (UC Davis)
Thompson Tim (Northwestern University)
Tschoegl Adrian E. (University of Pennsylvania)
Uhlig Harald (University of Chicago)
Ulrich, Maxim (Columbia University)
Van Buskirk Andrew (University of Chicago)
Veronesi Pietro (University of Chicago)
Vissing-Jorgensen Annette (Northwestern University)
Wacziarg Romain (UCLA)
Weill Pierre-Olivier (UCLA)
Williamson Samuel H. (Miami University)
Witte Mark (Northwestern University)
Wolfers Justin (University of Pennsylvania)
Woutersen Tiemen (Johns Hopkins University)
Zingales Luigi (University of Chicago)
Zitzewitz Eric (Dartmouth College)


A Little History on the Great Financial Swindle of 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Great Financial Swindle of 2008

Arguably the most important, clear, and concise article to date on the U.S. Sub-Prime Mortgage mess was published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal. You can read it here.

Now that I have taken the time and made a concerted effort to gain a much clearer understanding of what caused this huge financial problem, I am absolutely amazed that Democrats and many of their friends in the media are trying to blame the Republicans for this problem. Does not truth matter anymore?

Election Signs

Up until now I have seen zero election signs but after visiting my dad today I captured these:

A little colour on an otherwise dreary day!

Rainy Day Flowers

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curtis Sliwa Speaks Out About Current Events

View video here

Michael Graham on the Don Imus Show

Too much great stuff here. 11 minutes of hilarity about the election campaign!

More from Michael Graham.

Stephen Harper Tells It As It Is to Liberal Elites

Throughout this past month I've carefully documented the vicious, repugnant attacks against Sarah Palin from liberal elites, including some here in Canada. In her inaugural speech, Palin spoke of breaking through a glass ceiling. She should have gone further though. For what she is really breaking through is a glass cocoon that all ordinary people have been kept in by the elites, treated no better than a neglected pet in a cage.

Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, helped smash that cocoon a little further when he spoke out against the cultural elite, who "he characterized as government-subsidized whiners".

Bravo Mr. Harper, BRAVO!!! You are stating what I believe the vast majority of Canadians have felt for a long, long time!

On a closely related note, I encourage you to read something I wrote about how Arts funding really works here in Canada.

Heather Mallick: Absolute Coward!

She can dish it out but cannot take any criticism, not a tiny weeny bit of it. Pathetic!

Full-sized version here

Monday, September 22, 2008

Chocolate & Fudge Shop

A visit to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate shop at 1017 Robson Street is a delight to both the eyes and the nostrils!


It was absolutely gorgeous here in Vancouver today, both inside & out!

Montreal Visitor

Mon amie, Micheline, kept herself very busy this summer running three Laura Secord stores in Montreal. She was exhausted so decided to come out and visit my mom & I for a week.

Cars & A Big Boat

Grey Vancouver

Vancouver's generally a very beautiful city, but not always. Here's an untouched shot of downtown, when a thin mist blanketed everything. It was taken a few days ago.

George Benson: On Broadway

I've always loved songs like this that start off slowly and then build & build.

The Speech Sarah Palin Never Gave

Here's a fascinating article in the liberal Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, about the speech that Sarah Palin was to give at an anti-Ahmadinejad rally at the UN in New York. Unfortunately Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party ensured that this speech was never delivered. Sadder than sad.

More important graphics here.

Permanent Victim Syndrome

Amy Alkon had an interesting column about how she got in an argument with a fellow about personal responsibility. Here's a little snippet:

Yesterday, I debated a guy I started talking to in Starbucks about the big problem in the black community. He said it was poverty and unequal schools. I said it was daddylessness. I also think there's a huge problem with victimhood. Read the rest here . . .

Here's the comment I left:

Picking up on something "Toubrouk" said, look at the similarities between the Mainstream Black (MSB) views and the Mainstream Feminist (MSF) views.

Both are steeped in a never-ending mentality of victimhood. Look what Phyllis Schlafly said about the MSF movement here:

Feminists never boast about [so-called conservative feminists like Sarah Palin] because feminism's basic doctrine is victimology. Feminism preaches that women can never succeed because they are the sorry victims of an oppressive patriarchy. No matter how smart or accomplished a woman may be, she's told that success and happiness are beyond her grasp because institutional sexism and discrimination hold her down.

Doesn't that sound strikingly familiar to what we continuously hear from the leaders of the MSB movement?

Whenever the topic of racism in America comes up, I often tell my American friends to come up to Canada to see how the same "Permanent Victim Syndrome" canards are preached to the electorate by at least 2 of the political parties here and echoed by hundreds of like-minded organizations, almost all of whom are funded by taxpayer dollars. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how they ensure that gov't $ keep on flowing in.

But up here, there is no particular racial component so it washes away the illusions perpetrated by the MSB talking heads.

Teach a man or a woman how to fish and they will never be hungry. Give them a fish and they will be back tomorrow. Keep on giving them fish and they will depend upon you for a lifetime. Get the government to fund your fishing program and you will be employed for a lifetime. Follow the money, folks, follow the money.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good (and The Positive) : Sarah Palin talking in Florida

The Bad and The Ugly: Democrat friendly PR Firm suspected of dirty tricks

The 2nd link provides a detailed analysis that is long but incredibly interesting. It alleges that a public relations firm with direct connections to the Obama campaign may be skirting the laws of the Federal Election Commission by posting absolute lies about Sarah Palin and then not stating who was responsible for the ad.

If a Republican friendly group were suspected of carrying out an illegal campaign, the MSM would be all over the story. Strange that we hear absolutely nothing from them when the shoe's on the other foot!

Here's the phoney YouTube ad, saved by alert bloggers before the original poster knew he had been caught. Keep in mind that everything said in it is an absolute lie:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bias at CKNW?

Letter sent to CKNW News this evening:

To Whom It May Concern:

On your 5:00pm newscast this afternoon, your news reader said the following:

Looking at politics south of the border, Sarah Palin played it safe today on her first trip as John McCain's running mate to the battleground state of Florida. She went to perhaps the easiest place in Florida to get a large Republican turnout, stuck mostly to the themes that she's hit since the Republican convention and then took no questions from reporters or the crowd. But she was welcomed like a star with tens of thousands cramming into a plaza and nearby streets in this enormous retirement community about an hour north of Orlando. Some waited more than 5 hours to see her speak for 23 minutes.

I am an absolute believer that news should be "news" and editorial comment completely left out of it. Yet what is one to infer from the way your station presented this piece? In just the first two sentences there are 4 occurrences where an editorial spin was added that would be most fitting if it came directly out of the mouth of a Democrat Party pundit. Would it be too bold to ask if your news writer has come from the CBC?

Please know that many listeners such as myself take very seriously the work that your station does. If this lack of professionalism is now going to become standard practice at CKNW then I will most likely take my listening habits to another location on the dial.

For comparison purposes, here are some other stories of the event:

Update: I did receive a very nice e-mail back from Brett Mineer of CKNW. I don't have his permission to reprint it but suffice to say, he defended himself admirably. I will now pay close attention to his coverage of Democrat rallies.

Speaking of which, here's a photo of a Michelle Obama rally this past weekend:
While it's true that she's not running for anything, it still provides an interesting contrast, doesn't it?

Mocking one of the Heroes of the Radical Left

LCD Touch Screen

I've tried a screen like this out before at the Microsoft Museum and it is VERY COOL!

More here.

Phyllis Schlafly: Feminists against Palin - Shame on You!

The nomination of Sarah Palin for vice president is a big step forward for women, but a long backward step for the movement we have been taught to call feminism.

That is obvious from the anguish, indeed the fury, of feminist commentators. They are so intemperate in their criticism that they are incoherent. Men who are clueless about feminism naively think all women should be cheering. Sarah Palin is a woman who has done it all; she has a successful and even more promising career, five children and a supportive husband.

She crashed through the ultimate layer of the feminist fiction -the "glass ceiling" - and she joined those very few women destined to be known only by their first names. What more could any woman want?

The denunciations of Sarah can't be only because she appears to be a conservative Republican, and the feminists want only liberal Democrats to win. In this era of independent voters and respect for a maverick, surely the milk of bipartisanship should soften feminist angst about Sarah.

But, no. Feminist anger against Sarah has exposed the fact that feminism is not about women's success and achievement. If it were, feminists would have been bragging for years about self-made women who are truly remarkable achievers, such as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, or former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, or Sen. Elizabeth Dole, or even Margaret Thatcher. Feminists never boast about these women because feminism's basic doctrine is victimology. Feminism preaches that women can never succeed because they are the sorry victims of an oppressive patriarchy. No matter how smart or accomplished a woman may be, she's told that success and happiness are beyond her grasp because institutional sexism and discrimination hold her down.

When Hillary Rodham Clinton failed to get the Democratic nomination for president or vice president, she and her allies rained a torrent of tears all over the media about the injustice of it all, ranting that rampant sexism denied her the nomination she was due. The aging Gloria Steinem opined on CNN that it is "clear that there is profound sexism." She whined that Hillary couldn't crack the "glass ceiling" because there are "still barriers and biases out there."

Oh, the unfairness of it all! Steinem bemoaned that women find it so "difficult to be competent and successful and be liked." Au contraire, Hillary and women like her are not disliked because they are competent and successful, but because they are chip-on-the-shoulder feminists, living in an unhappy world of their own making and spreading their discontent like a virus. Feminists convey a notion of entitlement, as though they deserve special privileges today because of wrongs in past years that no one any longer can remember, such as women not having the right to vote. The bad attitude of victimhood is indoctrinated in students by the bitter feminist faculty in university women's studies courses and even in some law schools. Victimhood is nurtured and exaggerated by feminist organizations using their tactic called "consciousness raising," i.e., retelling horror stories about how badly some women have been treated until small personal annoyances grow into societal grievances. The feminists resent Sarah because she's the exact opposite of Hillary Clinton. When the liberal media sharpened their knives against Sarah, some chivalrous McCainiacs cried foul about media unfairness, but we didn't hear any whining from Sarah. Sarah has been successful because of hard work and perseverance, not because she's a woman, and she's not going to pull any crybaby act now. Sarah didn't need any Equal Rights Amendment, which Hillary is still promoting even though it was declared dead by the Supreme Court 26 years ago.

The feminist tirades against Sarah are mostly so tiresome, but one line of their complaints is really funny. After 40 years of telling wives and mothers to get out of the home (which Betty Friedan called "a comfortable concentration camp"), put their children in day care (tax-funded, of course) and join the workforce, these same feminists now tell Sarah to stay home with her children.

Sarah doesn't need feminist approval for her lifestyle; the only person whose OK she needs for her double career as mother and politician is her husband's, and he seems very happy with Sarah.

Sarah Palin is an exemplar of a successful, can-do woman, and the feminists simply don't know how to deal with her. I hope she will usher in a new era where conventional wisdom recognizes that feminist negativism is ancient history and American women are so fortunate to live in the greatest country on Earth.

Phyllis Schlafly is president of Eagle Forum, an attorney, and the author of 20 books, including "Feminist Fantasies." Contact us at

This article appeared on page G - 2 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Peter Beinart & Jonah Goldberg Discuss the Election

Here's a very intelligent "inside politics" discussion with two smart guys, one on the left and one on the right.

Just imagine for a minute how great things would be if all political discussions were this intelligent and truthful! Unfortunately there are two major forces preventing this from happening. One has the initials "MSM" and the other has the initials "DKK". IMHO.

Canadian Federal Election: Prediction with 24 Days Left

The Liberals, the NDP, and the Greens are all going to keep on promising endless new programs costing hard working taxpayers who knows how many tens or even hundreds of Billions of dollars. Stephen Harper will stay mostly silent and let these social engineers on the Left out promise each other ad nauseum. Hopefully a majority of Canadian voters will not buy into the 1970's style socialist nirvana and will vote in a much needed Conservative majority government.

If the price to pay for that is us concerned citizens having to listen to copious amounts of twaddle then I for one am willing to do my duty!

Personal Note

Sarah Palin: Right Time, Right Person

Post-Modern Bigots

"I KNOW Sarah Palin, and so does my wife. Neither of us ever actually met the governor of Alaska, but we grew up with her - in the small-town America despised by the leftwing elite."

So begins a superb editorial by author, Ralph Peters. Here are some other choice quotes:

  • The sneering elites and their mediacrat fellow travelers just don't get it: How on earth could anyone vote for someone who didn't attend an Ivy League school?

  • The opinion-maker elites see Sarah Palin clearly every time they look up from another sneering article in The New Yorker: She's a country-bumpkin chumpette from a hick state with low latte availability. She's not one of them and never will be. That's the real disqualifier in this race.
  • Now let me tell you what those postmodern bigots with their multiple vacation homes and their disappointing trust-fund kids don't see: Sarah Palin's one of us. She actually represents the American people.

The REAL Reasons For the Current Financial Crisis

For anyone who cares about facts, here's a careful dissection of the current U.S. financial problems - how they started and who is primarily to blame.

Stephane Dion: Spending Like it's 1978!

Have you been following the amount of spending promises Stephane Dion has been making? The National Post has and so has Jonathan Kay. It's up to $80 Billion ... in just 13 days! I don't think it even cost God that much to build the Universe in seven!

Here's a quick comparison of the major parties so far:

  1. $80.183 Billion - Liberals
  2. < $20 Billion - Conservatives
  3. $16.5 Billion - NDP
All projected over 10 years.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Charlie Rangell: Misogynist

September 19th: Talk Like A Pirate Day

Little did I know that I almost missed Talk Like A Pirate Day! Here are some people who seem to celebrate it every year:

Weekly Radio Appearance

I'll be appearing again on Roy Green's radio program. This time it'll be tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30pm PDT (4:30pm EDT). I'll be one of 5 voters from across the country on Roy's political panel.

Topics will likely include:

  • Spending promises
  • Multiculturalism
  • Comparisons with the U.S. election
You can listen to the show here.

Obama's [Lack Of] Foreign Policy in Iraq

This is a must read for anyone who cares about the future of America, let alone the Middle East.

Dangerous, dangerous times.

Sandra Bernhard: Just Another Compassionate Liberal

Sandra Bernhard, the outspoken (and often unfunny) comedian has launched a new one-woman show called “Without You I’m Nothing”. Here's a snippet of a review of her performance in the Washington Examiner by a writer named Barbara Mackay:

In Sandra Bernhard’s new show, “Without You I’m Nothing” at Theater J, she kvetches continually, whether she’s sneering at vacuous celebrity-speak from a fashion magazine, mocking mediocre singers or voicing contempt for Sarah Palin.

But in the end, oddly and subtly, Bernhard’s message is positive.

Interesting, because Ms. Mackay fails to mention that this is part of her show:

Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers.

"Gang rape" is a positive message? Just hilarious what passes for humor in the minds of hate-filled liberals these days. Perhaps the biggest joke of all is that they keep on insisting that we refer to them as "progressives".

Update: Michelle Malkin has further details. Here in Canada we have "human rights" commissions that monitor supposed hate speech, though everyone knows that said speech must come from a so-called conservative or it's ignored. So Bernhard would be found innocent by their standards.

However, in this case it could be argued that she is inciting violence against a specific person, namely Sarah Palin. In such a case, she could be prosecuted in a real court under Canada's federal hate speech legislation. Ezra Levant is on vacation right now but it would be most interesting to get his opinion on this when he returns!

An Important PSA for Both Americans and Canadians

It's important for all voters to pay close attention to how much all spending promises of politicians will cost. Remember, they won't be using their own money!

Multiple Gems of Wisdom from Dennis Prager

I'm a relative newcomer to Dennis Prager but the more I listen to him, the more I see the great wisdom of this man. Here are some audio clips from his show:

Why Do Liberals Hate Christians Like Sarah Palin?

Lawyers & College Professors and Jewish Democrats

The Extreme Liberal Bias of the Media

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin - Part 2

Larger Version Here

The Latest Canard from Obama Inc.

When the Obama War Room realized how the campaign had changed because of the Palin Effect, they strategized how to combat it. One tact was to get their endless supporters in the MSM to denigrate Sarah Palin with phony story after phony story in newspapers and TV.

That's bad enough, but now the most disgusting tactic of all is being used. Members of the media and more formal supporters are playing the race card:

I've seen all of this before. It was an extremely successful tactic used by the Liberal Party of Canada for years to paint their opponents, the Conservatives, as anti-immigrant. But in 2006 finally enough Canadians ignored the propaganda and elected the Conservatives. Lo and behold, it was suddenly discovered that all such racist tarring done by the Liberals was a complete lie.

Sadly, fanatical Democrats are seeking to start a race war in America . . . if it'll help them win victory on Nov. 4th. Dennis Prager has some insightful comments about this here & here, and explains that if Obama loses then the only ones who could possibly be racist are Democrats, since Republicans would never vote for an extreme liberal like Obama regardless of his race or sex.

Here's a telling editorial from a Republican named John Doggett. Oh, by the way, he happens to be black.

Chris Rock's Truth

Language alert ... but interesting insight once you can get past it.

Modern Day Journalism: What's Real?

When you can't tell the difference between a National Enquirer headline and one from the mainstream media then you know that journalism has reached a new low.

I have two immediate solutions which would partly correct the situation:

  1. Every journalist who is identified by a random sampling of voters to be in the bag for Obama must wear one of his big campaign buttons on his/her lapel until Nov. 5th.

  2. OR every such identified journalist must take a leave of absence until Nov. 5th and formally go work on Obama's PR campaign team.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Absolute Comedic Genius!

Hat tip: Renaissance Cynic.

An Unhinged Environmentalist

Hmmm, I wonder who the caller is voting for?!? :-)

Attack on U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen

Details here. Map here.

Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin - Part 1

Larger Version Here

How the Radical Left Views Crime

We already know that Obama's strongest supporters, the Radical Left-Wing of the Democrat Party feel that:

  • Extreme media bias is perfectly fine.
  • Singers replacing the American National Anthem with the "black national anthem", without any approval is perfectly fine.
  • Photographers betraying the trust of their clients and distorting the faces of Republicans is perfectly fine.
Today we learn that they also applaud the actions* of computer hackers committing federal crimes. As of the time of this posting, the Obama campaign has not yet uttered one word about these horrific actions, even though the group claiming responsibility fully admitted that they did it for Obama. All such actions are further defended here. And through it all so-called "moderate progressives" either say nothing or find convoluted ways to defend these actions as well.

When right & wrong is determined simply by one's political objectives then we have truly have reached a society resembling Lord of the Flies. Now that's Change You Can Count On!

* - I have stored a copy of this DailyKos web page in case it is taken down, like similar pages on the site have already today. Please let me know and I'll link to the snapshot I have safely stored.

Update #1:

Here's a detailed account from one of Michelle Malkin's readers of what may have happened.

And here is a DISGUSTING story from two Washington Post writers. Even when a crime occurs against this woman, they still turn the story into a hit piece! These are the same sort of repugnant knuckle draggers who ask how a woman was dressed after she is raped. Different levels of crime but EXACTLY the same disease of moral relativism.

Update #2:
Some in the tech community are already trying to help the Secret Service track down the hacker. These trying to help may indeed be Obama supporters but unlike those members of the Radical Left they are professionals and don't have a moral equivalency when it comes to crime. Kudos to them!

Thoughts about the AIG Takeover

“We are privatizing profits and socializing losses. The AIG takeover is the latest example of this and the wrong direction for America.”

Michele Bachmann

Republican Congresswoman

6th District of Minnesota

Prominent Democrat Now Supporting John McCain

I heard an interesting interview on Michael Medved's show with Lynn Forester de Rothschild, regarding her decision to now formally back John McCain. Of course, the knives have already come out for her from the Radical Left!

Paraphrasing, here are the reasons she gave for supporting McCain:

  1. She's a lifelong Democrat and never thought she would ever vote Republican but frightened by the, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean influence on her party. She's a Centrist Democrat and needs for America to have a strong foreign policy and a strong growth policy, which Obama does not.
  2. What Obama said in Denver was all "tax & spend". History has shown that this is the wrong course for America. Obama seems to lack a real understanding of basic economics.
  3. Obama constantly fluctuates with his positions and we really don't know what he believes in.
  4. She hates to see the class warfare that the Obama campaign is trying to play.

Update: Here she is on CNN:

Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin :-)

Some female comedians decided to mock those on the Radical Left for the ridiculous smears against Sarah Palin. This is hilarious:

ABCgate Continues

Full story here

Strange Happenings in New York

John Batchelor has a detailed and fascinating article about some interesting development in New York State. Could the Palin Effect be swinging one of the bluest of blue states to red? Will Hillary Clinton refuse to show up to a protest rally against Iranian President Ahmadinejad simply because Sarah Palin will be there? More here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008