Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Latest Canard from Obama Inc.

When the Obama War Room realized how the campaign had changed because of the Palin Effect, they strategized how to combat it. One tact was to get their endless supporters in the MSM to denigrate Sarah Palin with phony story after phony story in newspapers and TV.

That's bad enough, but now the most disgusting tactic of all is being used. Members of the media and more formal supporters are playing the race card:

I've seen all of this before. It was an extremely successful tactic used by the Liberal Party of Canada for years to paint their opponents, the Conservatives, as anti-immigrant. But in 2006 finally enough Canadians ignored the propaganda and elected the Conservatives. Lo and behold, it was suddenly discovered that all such racist tarring done by the Liberals was a complete lie.

Sadly, fanatical Democrats are seeking to start a race war in America . . . if it'll help them win victory on Nov. 4th. Dennis Prager has some insightful comments about this here & here, and explains that if Obama loses then the only ones who could possibly be racist are Democrats, since Republicans would never vote for an extreme liberal like Obama regardless of his race or sex.

Here's a telling editorial from a Republican named John Doggett. Oh, by the way, he happens to be black.

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