Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Perfect Example of Pro-Obama Media Bias

Take a close look at this story:

Do you notice something strange about the headline and about the way it's written? It completely misleads the casual reader, trying to imply that a top McCain aide thinks that he and Palin are the primary ones in this election unsuitable to run a corporation.

That's not what she said. She succinctly stated that neither of the 4 top contenders - Obama, McCain, Biden, & Palin - have the experience and background to run a major corporation. That's definitely the case WITH ALL FOUR OF THEM, so why try to say something quite different in a N-E-W-S story?

No media bias? Give me a break!!!

Of the four of them, Sarah Palin clearly has the most executive experience. But no mention of that of course.

Update: Dennis Prager expands upon my exact thoughts (a day later) here @ 16:40.

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johnschochet said...

It was McCain's adviser who said it. Of course she'll criticize Obama. The fact that she said McCain isn't qualified to run HP is the news story.