Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

An Obama supporter has created a Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator, intended to denigrate her. But in a perhaps not unexpected turn of events, Palin supporters are now wearing their altered names with pride! Turns out I'm "Rust Mustang Palin". Here are the monikers of some famous pundits and politicians:

Mark Steyn
Ladel Torque Palin
Michelle Malkin
Khaki Salmon Palin
Rush Limbaugh
Crank Widow Palin
Sean Hannity
Speck Backfire Palin
Mark Levin
Stoppage Lead Palin
Bob Grant
Pump Bust Palin
Hugh Hewitt
Strangle Thicket Palin
Dennis Prager
Bomb Locamotive Palin
Laura Ingraham
Puck Mule Palin
Dennis Miller
Hen Waffle Palin
Ann Coulter
Plop Hero Palin
Amy Alkon
Bowl Antler Palin
Maureen Dowd
Spackle Camshaft Palin

John McCain
Steam Fangs Palin
Ronald Reagan
Shot Corrugated Palin
Abraham Lincoln
Still Hardrock Palin
George Bush
Open Aircraft Palin
Dick Cheney
Wood Corps Palin
Stephen Harper
Tangle Jig Palin
Stephane Dion
Mole Valdez Palin
Gordon Brown
Rope Hoover Palin
Hugo Chavez
Hlater Grasshopper Palin
Fidel Castro
Revolver Trooper Palin

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