Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stephen Harper Tells It As It Is to Liberal Elites

Throughout this past month I've carefully documented the vicious, repugnant attacks against Sarah Palin from liberal elites, including some here in Canada. In her inaugural speech, Palin spoke of breaking through a glass ceiling. She should have gone further though. For what she is really breaking through is a glass cocoon that all ordinary people have been kept in by the elites, treated no better than a neglected pet in a cage.

Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, helped smash that cocoon a little further when he spoke out against the cultural elite, who "he characterized as government-subsidized whiners".

Bravo Mr. Harper, BRAVO!!! You are stating what I believe the vast majority of Canadians have felt for a long, long time!

On a closely related note, I encourage you to read something I wrote about how Arts funding really works here in Canada.

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