Friday, September 12, 2008

Ooops, Looks like "The Gaffe" Wasn't Palin's!

Looks like Palin wasn't the one who made the gaffe in the recent interview with Charlie Gibson. It was actually HIM and the Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer explains why.

Be sure to take a look at the comments on Krauthammer's article. The new line of attack from those with PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) is that whenever she answers a question succinctly, "it must be a prepared answer". I recall that at the Saddleback forum, McCain was accused of "cheating" in a similar way. If a student takes a math test and gets 95%, is your first inclination to condemn him for "being prepared"?

The further we get into this election, do you get the sense that Obama's supporters are like those parents of a young child who interject themselves far too much into the kid's sporting activities? In the deepest recesses of their minds they know he's only a mediocre athlete but keep talking to the coach as if he's a superstar. "Why don't you give Barry more playing time?", they ask, "he's the real star on the team. Why can't you see that? It's SO obvious!"

On a related note, let me say something that I assure you is with the greatest sincerity. In order for a good democracy to function there must be at least two strong opposing parties. In America, where there are really only two major political parties, if one is hamstrung or enfeebled in some way then democracy suffers. Period.

It is becoming crystal clear that the Mainstream Media and their comrades in the Extreme Left Blogosophere are losing this election for Barack Obama. Not just by a little, but by a lot. An awful lot. Some Democrats are speaking out about this now but the major players in the media seem to be too arrogant to hear what is truly sage advice.

There are just 53 days left until election day. If things continue as-is then not only will no important issues get debated, but Journalism, which was once an important institution in the election process will continue to be discredited. And rightly so with their current behaviour.

I don't support Barack Obama primarily because of his proposed economic policies. His rhetoric is just too spookily similar to that which I've heard all my life from [far-left socialist] NDP leaders in Canada and the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. I've lived through NDP regimes in both of these provinces and the economy was ruined by both of them. That's why I think Obama is a poor choice. But I do believe that Americans deserve to have McCain and Obama seriously debate real issues and then from that the people can decide. Too bad the media disagrees.

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