Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Prominent Democrat Now Supporting John McCain

I heard an interesting interview on Michael Medved's show with Lynn Forester de Rothschild, regarding her decision to now formally back John McCain. Of course, the knives have already come out for her from the Radical Left!

Paraphrasing, here are the reasons she gave for supporting McCain:

  1. She's a lifelong Democrat and never thought she would ever vote Republican but frightened by the, Nancy Pelosi, and Howard Dean influence on her party. She's a Centrist Democrat and needs for America to have a strong foreign policy and a strong growth policy, which Obama does not.
  2. What Obama said in Denver was all "tax & spend". History has shown that this is the wrong course for America. Obama seems to lack a real understanding of basic economics.
  3. Obama constantly fluctuates with his positions and we really don't know what he believes in.
  4. She hates to see the class warfare that the Obama campaign is trying to play.

Update: Here she is on CNN:

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