Friday, September 19, 2008

Sandra Bernhard: Just Another Compassionate Liberal

Sandra Bernhard, the outspoken (and often unfunny) comedian has launched a new one-woman show called “Without You I’m Nothing”. Here's a snippet of a review of her performance in the Washington Examiner by a writer named Barbara Mackay:

In Sandra Bernhard’s new show, “Without You I’m Nothing” at Theater J, she kvetches continually, whether she’s sneering at vacuous celebrity-speak from a fashion magazine, mocking mediocre singers or voicing contempt for Sarah Palin.

But in the end, oddly and subtly, Bernhard’s message is positive.

Interesting, because Ms. Mackay fails to mention that this is part of her show:

Sandra warns Sarah Palin not to come into Manhattan lest she get gang-raped by some of Sandra’s big black brothers.

"Gang rape" is a positive message? Just hilarious what passes for humor in the minds of hate-filled liberals these days. Perhaps the biggest joke of all is that they keep on insisting that we refer to them as "progressives".

Update: Michelle Malkin has further details. Here in Canada we have "human rights" commissions that monitor supposed hate speech, though everyone knows that said speech must come from a so-called conservative or it's ignored. So Bernhard would be found innocent by their standards.

However, in this case it could be argued that she is inciting violence against a specific person, namely Sarah Palin. In such a case, she could be prosecuted in a real court under Canada's federal hate speech legislation. Ezra Levant is on vacation right now but it would be most interesting to get his opinion on this when he returns!


md said...

Each time I read some crap like this, I think, well, that must be the end of it, surely no one else is going to spew such bile. But time and again, there's always something more despicable than the last.

I was impressed at how Palin took the high road on FOX. She said that these shots at her were nothing compared to those being suffered by everyday people in their lives; bravo to her for just letting it roll off.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simply Sandra is a pathetic slob. She is filled with such self hatred her inards can't contain it all. What a repulsive individual.

Pelalusa said...

Mike, remember that film a few years ago that had an assassination of a president who looked a lot like George Bush? That was said to be edgy and risque. All it really did was fulfill the inner thoughts of way too many on the left.

First we had Sarah Palin called a bad mother and inexperienced for the job. Then she was a hypocrite. Then she was a porn star. Now it's being suggested that she will be gang raped. You know what's coming next.

And through it all many Democrats who refer to themselves as "moderates" just sit back and say, "Yeah, whatever."

Half of our society has reached a Lord of the Flies state of mind. And not surprisingly, it's NOT the side that you & I choose to belong to.