Saturday, September 13, 2008

Joe Klein's View: Turn America Into Canuckistan!

In this convoluted diatribe, longtime Democrat hack, Joe Klein, tries to argue the case that Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan's view of America is a myth, fiction, passé. Instead, he asserts that the "Real America" is more akin to Barack Obama's own life story: "... a multiracial country whose greatest cultural and economic strength is its diversity. It is the country where our children already live and that our parents will never really know, a country with a much greater potential for justice and creativity — and perhaps even prosperity — than the sepia-tinted version of Main Street America."

Having lived in Canada most of my life, I was immediately struck by how familiar this all sounded. Then it struck me, ah yes, this is the official propaganda of the Liberal and NDP parties here in Trudeaupia! Their favoured terminology is slightly different but identical in meaning: Multiculturalism (ie. Saudi Arabian culture is just as valid as Canadian culture), government enforced "social justice", an equitable share for everyone (even if they don't work), etc.

What Mr. Klein carefully failed to mention was that Pierre Trudeau's grand social experiment has fallen apart at the seams. Our health care system is crumbling, criminals rights are valued far above those of law-abiding citizens, so-called "human rights" commissions have been exposed for the illegitimate politically correct kangaroo courts that they are, truth is no longer a defence for free speech, and on & on & on.

Thank you, Mr. Klein. Though I am able to cast no vote in the upcoming American election, thank you for reminding me of why I am repulsed by Barack Obama acquiring power. I only wonder if enough Americans will come to the same conclusion by November 4th.

Note: "Multiculturalism" is a frequently misunderstood term. It does NOT mean "a diversity of ethnicities" in a society. Rather, it defines a philosophy that all cultures that move to a new country are just as equal as the base culture in that new nation. Strident believers of multiculturalism in Canada believe that there is no need to learn English (or French in Quebec), no need to assimilate to Canadian ways, no need to adhere to traditional Canadian values, and no need to follow any Canadian traditions.

Across my nation I know hundreds, if not thousands of people of all races and religions. I also adamantly support legal immigration from all over the world. But I vehemently oppose the end effects of multiculturalism. Besides creating ethnic ghettos in many communities it has helped to infest our society with political correctness ad nauseum. One of the end results of this is that when atrocities like female genital mutilation or honour killings occur then it is racist for others to criticize such things; at least in the twisted PC minds of some it is.

The American "melting pot" model is by far the best immigration model in the world. But dark forces in the U.S. are at work to try to alter it into a Canadian or European multicultural model.

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