Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How the Radical Left Views Crime

We already know that Obama's strongest supporters, the Radical Left-Wing of the Democrat Party feel that:

  • Extreme media bias is perfectly fine.
  • Singers replacing the American National Anthem with the "black national anthem", without any approval is perfectly fine.
  • Photographers betraying the trust of their clients and distorting the faces of Republicans is perfectly fine.
Today we learn that they also applaud the actions* of computer hackers committing federal crimes. As of the time of this posting, the Obama campaign has not yet uttered one word about these horrific actions, even though the group claiming responsibility fully admitted that they did it for Obama. All such actions are further defended here. And through it all so-called "moderate progressives" either say nothing or find convoluted ways to defend these actions as well.

When right & wrong is determined simply by one's political objectives then we have truly have reached a society resembling Lord of the Flies. Now that's Change You Can Count On!

* - I have stored a copy of this DailyKos web page in case it is taken down, like similar pages on the site have already today. Please let me know and I'll link to the snapshot I have safely stored.

Update #1:

Here's a detailed account from one of Michelle Malkin's readers of what may have happened.

And here is a DISGUSTING story from two Washington Post writers. Even when a crime occurs against this woman, they still turn the story into a hit piece! These are the same sort of repugnant knuckle draggers who ask how a woman was dressed after she is raped. Different levels of crime but EXACTLY the same disease of moral relativism.

Update #2:
Some in the tech community are already trying to help the Secret Service track down the hacker. These trying to help may indeed be Obama supporters but unlike those members of the Radical Left they are professionals and don't have a moral equivalency when it comes to crime. Kudos to them!

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