Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Canada's Provincial Populations vs. Members of Parliament

As you're all probably aware, the ratio of voters to MPs is much higher in BC, AB, and ON.  This is why these provinces are due a whole lot more seats before the next election.  Talking with a few left-leaning friends in Vancouver, they're not in favour of this seat alteration.  Isn't that a bit curious?  Why would a person of the Left not be in favour of "better equality"?  The citizens of these 3 provinces are "entitled" to more MPs.  Why would a person of the Left not be in favour of that?

Their reasoning is simple: Given today's current political climate, the Conservatives would likely benefit the most from this extra allotment of MPs.  I don't know about you, but I find such a viewpoint more than a little stunning!  These folks are so willing to throw their own communities and provinces under the proverbial bus.  And all for petty, short term political reasons.  Not up to the level of "traitorous" by any means but certainly well beyond pathetic and so incredibly disloyal to their neighbours.

Here are the most recently available numbers:


You can download the spreadsheet of these numbers that I compiled here.

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