Friday, May 13, 2011

Some Good Advice for Federal Liberals

I left a comment on another blog.  I thought it worthwhile to repost here:

I've never voted for the federal Liberals but I think it's critical to Canada for them to come back to become the official opposition. Why? Because eventually the Tories will lose an election. When that occurs, do we really want the NDP to assume control of the treasury?!

Living out in B.C. I've witnessed two NDP governments in my life. Both times they destroyed the economy of my province. Folks on the Left excel at rewriting history but that's precisely what happened.

Back on the federal scene, how do the Liberals restore themselves? What they truly need to do is go back to basics and figure out what they stand for; not what the polls say they should stand for on each issue, but what they actually stand for. Then take some humility pills to help stop the arrogance towards rural Canadians and those in the West. Finally, and only then, find a charismatic leader who exudes the same values that the party stands for.

This is what they need to do. Will they be able to do it? Not likely. There's just too much pride & ego running through the veins of Liberal Party members. That's pathetic for the future of the Liberal Party of Canada and most unfortunate for the future of Canada.

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