Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Following the Political Career of Ruth Ellen Brosseau

I think the election of NDP candidate, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, in the Quebec riding of Berthier - Maskinongé is amongst the most fascinating of Canada's 2011 federal election.  Even though the citizenry there are 98% French, she is unable to communicate with them.  She also spent a week of the campaign down in Las Vegas.  Yet she won with a very respectable 40% of the vote.

You can read about Ms. Brosseau's victory here & here.


1031_FM said...

If you're able to translate this article that we post last week you'll learn that Ruth Ellen Brosseau speaks French, not a lot but she does :


We are the only media who spoke to her until now.

Jonathan Gariépy
General Manager 103,1FM

Robert W. said...

Monsieur Gariépy,

Merci beaucoup for this update! My comment came from the various reports that said she did not parlez en francais.

Hopefully she'll have more interviews soon. A most fascinating victory was hers!

1031_FM said...

Yeah, I can't understand how some media said that 'cause this whole story came exclusively from us and we never told anybody she wasn't speaking French...

kursk said...

She is still nowhere to be found..


Anonymous said...

It's a mostly rural riding with a whole bunch of little towns. Ms. Brosseau had better be prepared for an onslaught from a whole bunch of crusty small town mayors that will eat her up and spit out the remains.

If the Layton had any brains at all he would damage control by somehow getting her and a few of the other "accidents" out of there.