Monday, February 09, 2009

Sarah Palin's Clothes vs. Barack Obama's Pork

Has anyone else noticed that the same MSM that was obsessed with Sarah Palin's wardrobe budget (estimated to be upwards of $150,000) has absolutely no curiosity whatsoever for how the so-called stimulus funds are going to be spent?

Barack Obama's current "stimulus" package (aka "PorkFest") is sitting at $820,000,000,000. That is Five Million, Four Hundred and Sixty Six Thousand, Six Hundred and Sixty Seven (5,466,667) times more money . . . and yet the the vast majority of the MSM chooses to not question how any of it will be spent.

And those same members of the MSM have the audacity to tell us that they have no particular political bias!


s said...

You apparently only watch Fox News otherwise you'd know there have been non-stop discussions on the dispursal of the stimulus package. They're able to do that because they do this miraculous thing, they read the legislation.
All the links you need to read it yourself are right here,

Pelalusa said...

No, sorry Anonymous 'S', Fox News isn't available to me. But interesting that you immediately so labeled me. Very telling.

As for non-stop critical analysis of the pork package, you are delusional if you think that's occurring in the MSM.

Sandy Todd said...

Teachers, cops, astronauts, librarians, park rangers, highway crews, CDC researchers, meteorologists, firefighters, judges, prison guards, forensic experts, county recorders, county prosecutors, water plant management, civil engineers...


The fact that you call the people who enable us to live in a civilized society - PORK - says it all about you.

Pelalusa said...

Yes, Sandy, I'm sure that ALL of those billions are going toward those causes you cite.

If Disingenuity were a movie category then you would win an Academy Award.

I realize you've drank the Obama Kool Aid and deeply believe that he is The Messiah, but one day you will wake up and realize you were wrong.

Sandy Todd said...

I posted the links. In some of them, I even pulled out the tax cuts and Republican "pork" that has been cut. So why don't you address the issues instead of calling me names?

Start Here. This is exactly what I said it was. It is Reinvesting in this country after 8 years of neglect.

Pelalusa said...


Please answer me two questions:

1. Which economist do your views most closely align with and why?

2. When Japan repeatedly tried similar stimulus spending in the past it never worked. What did they do wrong that you would have changed?