Friday, February 06, 2009

Canada's Failed Judicial System

There was yet another gang shooting in Metro Vancouver today. This one occurred in Langley and involved a machine gun.

Later in the day a very interesting discussion occurred between CKNW's Jon McComb and BC's Attorney General, Wally Oppal. You can listen to it here (@ 37:00). Update: As David in North Burnaby has pointed out, CKNW has suppressed the audio from this interview. That's beyond sad. Here's the message on their AudioVault page:

Update #2: I have heard back from Jon McComb and stand corrected with my earlier conspiracy theory. The reason the audio is blocked is because CKNW played tapes from the 911 calls of the father who killed his daughter. Hopefully they'll reinstate the rest of the audio soon so that others can listen to McComb asking Oppal some very important questions.

The fact that nothing tangible is being done to quash gang violence is proof positive of how much the powers at be have lost control of our judicial system.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

The link doesn't seem to work and CKNW's archive page has the announcement that: "Due to sensitive material we will be unable to post the 3PM, 4PM and 5PM hours for Friday, February 6, 2009."
"Sensitive material"? Like Wally Oppal making an idiot of himself?
Seems like Corus don't want to run too afoul of their friends in Victoria.