Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prime Example of CBC Trying to Reshape the News

Remember Eric Millett, the Radical Leftie elementary school principal who decided to silence the daily singing of Canada's national anthem at his school? He claims that one parent told him that she didn't want her child singing Canada's national anthem "for religious reasons". Whether or not this is true has yet to be determined.

Parents at the school and many Canadians in general are outraged at this for a simple reason: Assuming Mr. Millett is being truthful about what one parent said to him, it is yet another example of special accommodations being made for one child in the entire school, at the expense of ALL the other children. And in this case these accommodations mean silencing our country's national anthem. Who could possibly defend that?

But of course, the age old crusader of oppressed minorities, the high & mighty CBC!!! Watch this video.

Mr. Millett makes some pretty serious claims:

  • Parents have threatened to beat him up.
  • Anonymous death threats have been received via e-mail.
  • Threats against him have been made via his home phone.
Let me say unequivocally that if anyone has threatened him then they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Interesting that the RCMP has been investigating Millett's claims and heretofore have not laid a single charge.

What's more interesting is how the CBC, both in their on-camera interview and on their website, never use the word "allegedly". In fact, the headline on their website reads, "N.B. school principal received death threats in anthem dispute". That's a pretty bold claim. Do they have corrobating evidence to support this statement? If so, it's certainly not cited in the news story.

This is yet another example of the shoddy journalistic practices of Canada's public broadcaster. As I explained recently, I've given up on complaining to them because their entire complaint process is phoney, fake, a sham. But if a future federal government ever pulls all of their funding, I will not be shedding a tear.

Charles Adler has much more on this story here (7:00). It's well worth a listen to learn of a prime example of how your tax dollars are being wasted by Susan Ormiston & co.

Update: Adler featured another hour of the CBC hit piece against rural and conservative Canadians, which you can listen to here (7:00).

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