Monday, February 02, 2009

My New Responsibility This Month

My Mom and her Brother have headed to Hawaii and I agreed to take care of his little Shih Tzu:


Raphael Alexander said...

Shih Tzus are extremely loyal and affectionate dogs. But they are the most irritating barkers on Earth and anything sets them off.

Pelalusa said...

Man are you prescient! She just started barking an hour ago at any little noise she hears in my apt. bldg. I feel bad for her because she's sitting near the door, probably waiting for my uncle to enter but that won't happen for many weeks.

Raphael Alexander said...

I really like Shih Tzu's though, and they are really more brave than their size indicates. I hope your apartment is relatively sound-proof, however, since she will likely continue to bark a lot when you're at work and you may get complaints.

I was living in an apartment in Toronto ages and ages back, and went to the pub for a few beers, leaving the dog at home. Around 1 am the landlady came into the bar with unkempt hair and clothing and said "WOULD YOU GET THAT DOG TO SHUT UP!?"