Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alberta Moving in the Right Direction with Its HRC

Lindsay Blackett is an MLA in Alberta. He's also the minister responsible for the Alberta "Human Rights" Commission (HRC). Like many other Canadians (I believe the vast majority) he is fed up with the radical socialist agenda that has been pushed forward by his province's HRC. So he's going to change things ... big time!

Here's a key part of what Blackett had to say:

People have the right to say what they believe and Albertans strongly believe in that right. We've got to try and find what was the purpose of the human rights commission to start with back in 1972. For me, it's back to the future and the simplicity of what the human rights commissions is supposed to be. It was originally just intended to provide protection against discrimination on grounds of race, colour, creed, religion and so on with respect to employment, accommodation and access to services. That's it. It wasn't about hurt feelings. The reason a lot of human rights commissions are disrespected across the country is because they've forgotten that. We want the commission to be a quasi-judicial body that has some teeth, that has some credibility but doesn't operate like a kangaroo court.

Bravo Mr. Blackett, Bravo!!! The sooner such changes become law, the better. Then maybe other politicians across our nation will find the courage to follow your inspired course!

I believe it's no coincidence that such changes are occurring first in Alberta, home to none other than Ezra Levant, Canada preeminent advocate for Free Speech. Should these changes occur before the summer, then it would be superb to see Blackett and Levant riding in the same car together during the Calgary Stampede Parade.

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