Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PM Stephen Harper on Larry Kudlow's Show

Americans could learn a LOT about banking from Canada. Watch our superb Prime Minister on Larry Kudlow's show.


Jen said...

Here is Larry Kudlow's version of the prime minister. which you will never hear from CBC or other liberal station.


Kudlow's Money Politic$

Tuesday, February 24, 2009
An Interview with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

What follows below is the transcript of my interview with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on last night's show. Mr. Harper is a trained economist and quite an impressive statesman. Our northern neighbors are lucky to have him at the helm. We covered a wide range of key topics including the ailing banking system, risks of protectionism, oil sands and autos. As you'll see below, Mr. Harper offered some very wise observations and insight.

Jen said...

Canasda faces a undemocratic MSM; if Canada had a more BALANCED AND DEMOCRATIC MSM-canadians would not feel so gloom and doom.
And as long as the MSM keeps you in darkness the more they 'CONTROL' your mind soul and body.
CBC and others love no one but the liberals. Their respect for this prime minister is pure venom and vile, disrepectful and most of all pure hatred.

The liberals need not worry since they have thousands of MSM and gossipers around protecting them.
Will Canada be able to survive with kind of gloom and doom, hatred from the MSM-NO-Not one bit.