Sunday, February 15, 2009

Obama the Blunderer

Barack Obama boosters are confident that their Messiah will be remembered for all time as the greatest president in at least 100 years. Perhaps this is what some Jimmy Carter fans once thought too. History has quickly proven the latter wrong and current news headlines may soon proven the former wrong as well.

From the UK comes a very important editorial about the financial bill that Obama deemed "absolutely necessary". And in the Wall Street Journal they focus in on how quickly his "Hope & Change" has turned into pure fear mongering.

After you read it, ask yourself two pertinent questions:

  1. If Obama, Pelosi, & Reid were to take $1,000,000,000, place it in a large pit, and light it on fire, would this also be called "stimulus"?

  2. Assuming most people would answer 'No' to that question, then why is it that any money spent on any program, no matter how wasteful or even useless, is now called "stimulus" and considered acceptable by all too many?

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