Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Slow Death of the CBC

The stated mandate of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is to provide a Canadian voice to the media, be it on TV, on the Radio, and on the Internet. Because Canada is made up of over 33 Million people, one would naturally conclude that this publicly supported media giant would be as representative of this population as possible. On this front the CBC is an abject and complete F-A-I-L-U-R-E ! ! !

Over a long period the CBC has essentially devolved into the Toronto Broadcasting Corporation of the Left and Extreme Left. Its news division serves as the proxy PR agents of the federal Liberal and NDP parties.

The fact that no one at the network, save for Rex Murphy periodically, says anything that resonates with Center Right or Far Right Canadians gives the CBC an "F" for both objectivity and meeting its mandate.

I rarely tune into the network anymore but when I do, it simply confirms that nothing has changed, even though promises were made late last year that "they were listening" and "changes would be coming". I've formally complained twice in recent months but it's pointless as the executives at the CBC are absolutely deaf to any criticisms or even mild suggestions.

The recent $65 Million shortfall at the CBC is discussed on SDA here. Plus, Charles Adler discussed the same earlier today with Beryl Wajsman. You can listen to it here, starting at 7:00. Absolutely delicious ear candy!!!


maryT said...

You must watch Rex's rant on Feb 26he hit it out of the ballpark when he blasted Nat. Geographic for their story on the oilsands.
He raise many questions on the NGs use of energy to get their mag out to its subscripers.

Jen said...

CBC attacks alberta oil sands because the prime minister lives here.
Like Charles said if the oil sands was located in Quebec Ontario, Maritimes, CBC will not dare attack it.
CBC is playing province against province; particularly those who support DEMOCRACY.
CBC manipulation on those who really have no other source of outside cable is the CBC main source of their survival.