Friday, February 20, 2009

BC's Judicial System: Insanity or Corruption?

Today, I heard some interesting facts about crime in B.C. Between 2001 - 2006, 379 career drug addicts who had turned to robbery to support their addictions had an average of 39 convictions. In terms of punishment, startling figures were revealed:

  • 101 = Average number of days incarceration for their 1st conviction

  • 25 = Average number of days incarceration on their 30th or greater conviction
Think about that for a second. Does it make even the slightest bit of sense to you that incarceration time dropped?

Now consider this: Each of these criminals has stolen an average of $1 Million per year. That's $379 Million worth of theft per year.

Question: What is another definition for a liberal judge?

Answer: A criminal's best friend. :-(

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