Tuesday, February 03, 2009

BC Starts Walking Down the Wrong Path

British Columbia's Premier Gordon Campbell and Finance Minister Colin Hansen announced yesterday that the province will now start running deficits again. In other words, we the people of BC will be spending more each year than we can afford and will expect future generations to pick up the tab for our largesse.

Oh sure, they're saying that the deficit will only run for 2 years but there's as much certainty of this happening as me winning a prize in a lottery; it might happen, but I doubt it.

But the provincial Liberals were in an untenable situation. Had they said the proper thing, "We will cut spending to the level that we can afford", they would have been skewered in the press and the NDP would cruise to an almost certain victory.

Principles are hard for a politician to stick to when an election draws near. Sigh.

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