Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Friend's Family Member Killed

This recent hit & run incident has really hit home because one of the two innocent victims is the cousin of a close friend of mine. Dr. Aneez Mohamed and his fiancée Chanelle Morgan were struck down by a moronic 18 year-old drunk driver. And this punk had the audacity to flee the scene but was hunted down by a police dog. Sadly, just watch in the months & years ahead as his lawyer tries to make him out to be the victim.

Dr. Mohamed was a member of the Ismaili faith, who have suffered more than their share of driving fatalities in recent years. You might recall a few years ago that logs fell off of a truck on the Upper Levels Highway in West Vancouver, killing a mother and her daughter. They were also Ismailis. My heart goes out to this close knit group in Metro Vancouver.

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nachtwache said...

I'm so sorry to hear that. How sad.