Sunday, February 01, 2009

Coming to a Canadian School Near You

Here is the face of the New Radical Left in Canada:

His name is Erik Millett, he is a principal at an elementary school in Belleisle, New Brunswick, and he is an absolute moron. He has banned the singing of O Canada allegedly because some parents didn't want their children singing the anthem daily: "We try to balance the needs of every student, and we want every student to feel welcome in our school."

He refused to say who these parents were so for all we know he may very well be lying and these parents may simply exist only in his own warped mind.

Make no mistake, this is but one little example of where the Radical Left - including but not limited to militant teachers unions across our nation - want to take our society. One day I do wonder if such mindsets will be diagnosed as an official psychological disorder.

Ezra Levant has much more on what makes this jerk tick.

Update: Charles Adler has an in-depth interview (@ 33:30) with one of the key parents in the matter.

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