Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bill Good = Ignoramus Extraordinaire

CKNW's Bill Good is such an ignorant ass, when he wants to be. This morning he had Dennis Miller on for a short 15 minute segment. Good appeared shocked when Miller stated that he thought extremely highly of George Bush's stance on Radical Islam and its threat to our civilization.

After Miller had left, Good said to a caller, "Oh Dennis Miller just thinks that way because he's very conservative." He also added, on another tangent, that "Obama is doing everything he can to reach out to Republicans".

So many things wrong with these statements...

First off, the manner in which he used the term "very conservative" was clearly a derogatory slam against Miller. Though Good reminds everyone on a daily basis about how "centrist" he is, clearly the years of drinking CBC Kool-Aid have had a lasting effect. All members of the Conservative Party of Canada should be aware of this man's strong bias every time they get interrogated ... errr "interviewed" by him.

Secondly, in point of fact, Dennis Miller is not "very conservative". In general, he's extremely liberal on most social issues. It's just that with this one issue of Radical Islam, he has drawn a line in the sand to protect his family and their future. Too bad the Bill Good's of the world think that self-preservation is an insane notion.

Finally, as for Obama reaching out to Republicans, if Good didn't have the Man Crush on The Messiah that he does, he would clearly realize that exactly the opposite has occurred.

The state of the Canadian Media in 2009 = Pathetic!

Update: Here's an addendum to my hypothesis that most of the media are mere puppets for Barack Obama (provided by SDA regular "ET") :

Yes, the media are lying. But so is Obama and his team and the Democrats. When Obama says 'bipartisanship', he doesn't mean that the Democrats and the Republicans will work on policies and programs together. Heck no. What he means is that the Republicans will not dissent, will not criticize, will not reject His Will.

Obama is a Sovereign Ruler. As in the Leviathan. An Absolute Sovereign who rules by Divine Will. The people, both in their states, and against Amendment 10, give up ALL rights, even the right to disagree. There is no 'right of dissent', no 'right of rebellion'.

This is a unitary, monlithic authoritarianism, invested with a messianic divinity, inalienable and it cannot err. The Sovereign is always Right and the only interaction of the people to the Sovereign - is devotion and acceptance. That's the Obamic mode.

Let's watch how and whether the States stand up to this transformation of the US government from a constitutional democracy by the people, for the people, of the people...to an absolutist state governed by a Sovereign Will unfettered by law, where the people have lost all rights, including the right to rebel.

And let's watch and see how this Sovereign Will moves to inhibit and prevent questions, criticism and dissent. The repression of the Washington Post 'chimpanzee cartoon' and Obama's personal attacks against Hannity and Limbaugh are only the beginning.

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