Thursday, February 05, 2009

Eric Doherty: The Selfish Face of the NDP

Eric Doherty is the poster boy for Vancouver's Ultra Selfish Radical Left. This morning he was on Bill Good's show on CKNW espousing his adamant opposition to any expansion of the Port Mann Bridge. You can listen to him here @37:30.

His appearance was because of yesterday's announcement of a new Port Mann Bridge to be built if the provincial Liberals are re-elected in May.

Doherty has been at the forefront of opposing any highway expansion around Metro Vancouver. He and his Commercial Drive latte-sipping comrades believe that everyone should be riding around on public transit or riding bicycles 24/7. Whenever I hear this I think of my friends in Langley who have to commute into work each day. According to the likes of Doherty, these people are evil and destroying Mother Gaia.

It is suspected that NDP leader Carole James will come up with some contrived way to support a new bridge but voters should be very skeptical. It would be all too easy for her, once elected, to suddenly say, "Ummm, we've looked at the numbers again and realize that the province can't afford a new bridge at this time. After all, we don't want to cut back on our health care and education."

For the record, I:

  • Live in Vancouver
  • Do not own a car, by choice
  • Mostly walk, bicycle, and take transit to get around
  • Recently signed up with Vancouver Car Co-Op, and use their vehicles a few times a month
  • Adamantly support the building of a new bridge
  • Adamantly support tolls on it, as I'm a big fan of users paying for the services they consume
So if any of my socialist latte neighbours want to compare carbon footprints, bring it on! Unless you're living in a cave and eating items only from your immediate vicinity, you will lose.


Carole's Monobrow said...

great article...I live on Commercial Drive and the hypicrosy is unreal. Other than "spend money on my projects" there is no perspective. Keep up the good work, Comrade.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I also heard his interview on 'NW. Didn't know who he was but he sure sounded like a goofball. And then he went on about how traffic will be tied up along all of the new interchange rebuilds on Hwy 1.

The guy should do his homework first. All new overpasses will have a new alignment over Hwy 1, which will not affect existing traffic.

And if he's so against the automobile, why should he care? :)

Pelalusa said...

One fellow called in later and said that this bridge will be a $3 Billion waste of money. Really? In order to make that claim, he would have to have a time machine and know definitively that no other technologies will EVER be available to propel a personal vehicle forward.

Of course, the blinders on the heads of the Environmental Radical Left are on SO TIGHT that not much blood has been flowing up to their brains for years.