Saturday, November 29, 2008

Witness to a Crime!

Okay, not a major crime but a crime nonetheless!

The burgundy Honda you see here tried to pull into the parking space but side-swiped the driver's side front bumper. She then backed up and pulled in a second time.

Here she is walking to the rear of her car.
She completely ignored the other car and went to take a quick look at what she had done to the rear passenger door of her own.
I thought for sure that she'd then go leave a note on the other car.
But no, she simply went to put money in the parking meter and then illegally jaywalked across the middle of Broadway. A stellar citizen!
Seeing this, I ran outside and photographed both cars, plus close-ups of their license plates (not shown).
I couldn't tell whether the other car was noticeably damaged or not but the hi-resolution version of this photo shows it very clearly.
When the owner came out I explained to him what occurred and gave him my card in case the other driver disputes that she hit him.


David in North Burnaby BC said...

What a cow! Good job in getting the evidence, Robert, let's hope she gets what she has coming.

Pelalusa said...

I trust that everyone knows that the "C" word was yours, not mine. I chose to use the other "C" word: Criminal.

Though nowhere near as serious as Hit & Run (of a person), what she did is still a crime.