Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Printer That You Get Paid For Buying!!!

I've dealt with NCIX for years and consistently buy most of my computer hardware from them, but this latest offer is just "insane"!

You actually make money when you buy this printer. Yes, you do have to fill out and send in a rebate coupon but I've done that dozens of times and always received the money. If you're interested further, just click on the picture of the printer above.


Lynn said...

ah, but here's the catch: "with system purchase only"

You have to buy a whole computer system to get the deal. Darn, they almost had me!

Pelalusa said...


I deeply apologize! I didn't notice that ... even though it was in red type - Ughhh!!!

I could erase this posting now but will just leave it up. They do seem to have some other good deals here.

Once again, I'm sorry. Thank you for pointing that out though!

Lynn said...

Oh goodness! No apology needed! I had to really look for it, too.