Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jack Layton: How to Gain Power Without Ever Earning It

Full transcript from Stephen Taylor here.

So now we clearly know what the NDP/Liberal/Block Cabal de Trois has had planned all along. Do they have the legal right to form a coalition? Absolutely.

Should the Governor General let them take power in this way, without putting it to a vote of Canadians? Absolutely Not! As I've stated repeatedly before, there is no similar precedent, not even one, in Canada's 141 year history. Never before has control of the government been handed over this way if the sitting Prime Minister demands an election be held instead.

So let an election indeed be held with:
  • Stephane Dion or Bob Rae or Michael Ignatieff as PM
  • Jack Layton as Finance Minister
  • Gilles Duceppe as ?????
Let the People of Canada decide if this is what they want. If my fellow citizens choose to go this path then I will fully accept their decision.

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