Tuesday, November 18, 2008

True Freedom

I don't usually repost comments but one was just left that is so eloquent and brilliant that not reposting it would be an injustice! It concerns this posting.

"Free people can never be equal. Equal people can never be free." I don't know who said that or if it is simply a time-proven proverb. But truer words were never spoken or written.

In order to GIVE something to one, there must be an authority powerful enough to take it from others. When there exists such a power, then neither the receiver nor the giver is free.

The greatest equalizer of all is freedom. Freedom is a state of existence in which each man and woman is unencumbered by any power or authority, save God's, and is free to succeed or fail based upon his/her own efforts and talents.

We don't have any such freedom in this country because we have foolishly commissioned government to take from the producers and give to the non-producers, I suppose to boost the fragile "self-esteem" of the non-producers. Doing that, however, dampens the morale of the producers, the very people who should be encouraged and cheered on.

When a test is given - - one for employment for example - - and one group of test-takers is credited with a ten-point advantage (based solely upon their grouping), then the better qualified applicants (the ones who should be getting the jobs) must score 10 points higher than the lesser qualified applicants just to maintain parity. Achieving a respectable score of 85 loses out to a dismal, barely-passing 76, and the lesser-qualified - - often unqualified - - gets the job and the employer and his customers lose, right along with the people who should have been employed in the first place.

Call it what you will, but that is socialism, Communism, Marxism and it doesn't work for the PEOPLE, it only works for the elite who seek to dominate and control the people and profit from their toil.

Common people are such fools.

Written by Fred Marshall

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