Friday, November 28, 2008

A Canadian Coup d'état ?

Didn't Canadians just soundly reject Stephane Dion in a $300 Million election? And now Monsieur Chretien is back behind the scenes. Are we about to witness our own version of a Coup d'etat? Hey, if you can't get elected by the people, just seize power any other way you can! (That'll make for a great Liberal Party fundraising slogan!)

And yet ... through it all, their friends in the liberal media are mostly only condemning the Conservatives through all of this. If it so transpires. watch the Sheeple of Canuckistan stand by and say not a thing. :-(

It's one thing for the people of Ontario to kick the citizens of Western Canada in the head. It's another thing entirely to actually sever their head altogether.

Wither Canada.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

"Wither Canada"

My sentiments exactly, and its withering pretty well indeed.
However, assuming you meant "Whither Canada?", I would humbly suggest that the Empire of the Canadians is heading to where all empires go in the end, the trash heap of history.
:-) :-)