Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vancouver Political Predictions

Here are the civic election results from yesterday - a definite landslide for [Lack Of] Vision Vancouver:

And what was this election about? A rather confused (and possibly fabricated) issue concerning a $100 Million loan guarantee to a private developer. Who was in the right and who was in the wrong with this, few people actually definitively know. To establish the truth of the matter one needs all the facts. No one in the general public is so equipped.

In the drug fueled illusions of many on the Radical Left in this city, newly elected mayor Gregor Robertson is B.C.'s own Barack Obama. In the "lack of actual experience" department, I would agree wholeheartedly. Beyond that, give me a break!

What's most disappointing is that less than 31% of eligible voters bothered to put aside their busy little lives in order to exert their democratic right (and responsibility). Based on my calculations, 87.9% of citizens (16.7% voted and 71.2% abstained) have given Robertson & co. carte blanche approval to do whatever they please:

  • Permanently shut down 2 lanes of the Burrard Street bridge so that a few bicycles can ride in their own lane morning, noon, & night. Why stop there, go for four!
  • Follow Toronto's social engineering agenda and ban disposable coffee cups and introduce "shade audits".
  • Dramatically increase property taxes for those "greedy capitalist business owners".
Now over the next 6 months ahead, watch for dirty, dirty politics in this province. The Robertson Regime will seize every opportunity to blame the Provincial Liberals:
  1. All homelessness will be Gordon Campbell's fault.
  2. The city's lack of police will be Gordon Campbell's fault.
  3. All infrastructure problems will be Gordon Campbell's fault.
  4. And so on & so on & so on.
This little game will be so blatantly obvious yet watch the media in this province to amplify it to full volume and the sheeple to buy into it hook, line, and sinker. On May 13th, 2009 do the majority of British Columbians really want to utter the words "Premier Carole James" ?!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if many people, like both my husband and myself, voted yesterday, but when push came to shove, could not colour in the circle beside any of the candidates for mayor. We both left the mayor section blank and only voted parks board, school board and spending. I wanted to vote for the mayor, but just couldn't do it. Does that mean that we didn't exercise our democratic rights?

Pelalusa said...

Nope. I commend you for going out to vote.

Furthermore, a friend of my mom's went to listen to an all party discussion of the candidates. She was uninspired by all. So she didn't vote whatsoever. At least she went to that meeting though.

But let's be honest, do you really think that most of those who didn't vote did so based on strong civic principles?

Walter Schultz said...

While not the most inspiring election for voter turn out I've ever seen, I'm still not in the camp of forcing people to vote.

I believe that, unfortunately, the vast majority of voters are hopelessly uninformed. Too often people vote without a single clue as to what the issues are and how they will affect the City.

You just wind up with people voting because they think someone is good looking rather than if they have a brain in their head!

nachtwache said...

Like the US election? Charisma?