Monday, November 24, 2008

The CHRC Has Nearly Put the Final Nail In Its Own Coffin

As Ezra Levant elaborates in great detail, the despicable Canadian "Human Rights" Commission power to determine what constitutes free speech in Canada is almost over.

And after Section 13 is removed we can only hope that Jennifer Lynch's employment will be terminated as well. Perhaps she can get a job at a Holocaust museum talking about tolerance. Though I have little doubt that every 5 year-old she would meet would know a lot more on the subject than she would! Don't let this sweet, smiling photo of Ms. Lynch fool you. She's a despicable human being who saw nothing wrong taking Canada down the road of totalitarianism, one baby step at a time.

Update: More on this from Mark Steyn and Sean Berry.

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nachtwache said...

Good riddance of bad rubbish. I hope she gets the axe and the whole mess gets shut down.