Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Twisted Mental Juxtapositions of the Radical Left

If you'd like to see a textbook example of how a Radical Leftist can twist any circumstances to suit their own narcissistic world view, then read this little ditty by Susan Cole. Here are some choice bits:

Last Tuesday, just seconds before going on air to do a news opinion spot, I was handed a poppy to wear so I could mark Remembrance Day. On instinct, I declined.

Speaking as a Jewish woman, I'm grateful that Hitler was defeated in World War II. But there's something about Remembrance Day ceremonies that disturb me. They seem to be only about one thing – celebrating the soldiers ... and the young men who made the so-called ultimate sacrifice had no control over whether they would go and where they would do battle.

Let's be clear about something. Ms. Cole is the descendant of the Jewish people who were methodically exterminated by Hitler's nightmare. The soldiers she's referring to were young Canadian men who risked everything - and often lost everything (what she despicably calls the "so-called" ultimate sacrifice) - in order to stop Hitler from killing ALL of her ancestors. Yet she can't get herself to show even an ounce of gratitude.

To put this in a modern context, imagine Ms. Cole and her family trapped in a high-rise building that's on fire. Firemen would come from several firehouses to reach them. While everyone else is running out of the building, these brave firemen would be running into it. Imagine these men getting the Coles safely out of the building but in the process a few firemen die.

Upon the 1-year anniversary of the fire, Susan Cole would be invited to speak at the commemoration. But rather than thanking those who saved her life and those of her family, instead she would glare into the eyes of the surviving firemen and the families of the deceased and lecture them on sexual discrimination in their profession and pay equity issues.

This is what goes on in the mind of today's Radical Leftist.

It wasn't too long ago that Cole was embarrassing herself on another front.

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