Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Never-Ending Vitriol of Liberals

This evening I heard an interesting interview with the author of this article, Chris Hedges. He explained how messages from politicians are not much different than marketing for consumer products and that all are designed for the intellect of 10 - 12 year olds. He focused mostly on the rather mindless marketing message of the Obama campaign, with the never-ending "Hope & Change". He then predicted that next year, as the recession sets in, and people realize that Obama isn't the Messiah and can't possibly deliver everything he implied he could, there's going to be a strong backlash.

To this point I agreed with everything he said, as had the interviewer, Charles Adler.

But then he took a huge swerve to the left and stated that the ones who would be the most disappointed would be the Religious Right in America. <insert screeching car brakes here>

After I got my head on straight again, for it had clearly spun entirely around after hearing this, I listened further. Thankfully Adler didn't let such B.S. go without being challenged. "Why would the religious right be disappointed? They never voted for him!", he said [paraphrasing].

Hedges seemed somewhat shocked that an Olympic Stadium sized hole had just been shot through his conclusion. Yet he couldn't get himself to state publicly that fellow liberals like himself were the ones completely taken in by Obamamania.

And I had such hope in the days after the U.S. Election, how liberals were going to open their hearts & minds and really try to understand the viewpoints of conservatives. Unfortunately arrogance, smugness, and downright hate always gets in their way.

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