Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Kite Runner

This sad, and sometimes disturbing film, shows the history of Afghanistan from the late 1970's until now. It is an unbelievable tragedy what has happened to the people of that rugged, beautiful country, first during the terrible invasion by the communists from the USSR, and then by the subsequent horrific rule by the Taliban.

I challenge anyone to watch this film and then want to turn their backs on the Afghan people. That many on the Radical Left equate what Canada & America & Britain & Australia are doing there to what the Russians and the Taliban did is beyond reprehensible and more reflective of the knee-jerk emotional reaction that constantly comes from that sector of our society. Backed by ignorance and fueled by emotion - what a way to run one's life!

I do not dispute that the democratically elected government in Afghanistan is corrupt. In fact, they're way down at #121 in this list of 160 countries. But rather than walk away and let the Afghan people once again have their lives destroyed by the murderous pedophilia-laden hypocrites known as the Taliban, wouldn't it be better to work with them & insist they move up the corruption scale rather than down it?

When President Barack Obama does the right thing and sends more troops to Afghanistan, I will be the first to condemn anyone who criticizes him for it.

Please read the latest dispatch from Michael Yon.

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