Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Gregor Robertson's American Friends

David Berner has an excellent and detailed column about precisely where Vancouver's Vision candidate, Gregor Robertson, is getting much of his campaign money from. Please read it. If you're as disturbed by this foreign intrusion into our election process as I am then you will go out and vote this Saturday, against Robertson!


theUGLYchinesecanadian said...

campaign money sources is one thing... but what is more telling is the integrity of a person.

Not informing folks that he had cheated for fare evasion, then knowingly, disseminating confidential financial information that damages our City reputation for business for self serving personal gains, tells eveything I need to know about Gregor Robertson.

And on top of all that, he knows nothing about civic governance. As my colleague commented earlier today to Robertson:
"no substance just speaking points: repeat after me: take a civics course before you run for Mayor."

Walter Schultz said...


Interesting to see the scum rise to the surface.