Friday, November 28, 2008

Christy Clark: Liberal Hack

I happened to catch Christy Clark's show on CKNW this afternoon. It's beyond hilarious how she pretends to be unbiased and centrist, when in fact her and her husband, Mark Marrison, are deeply connected to the federal Liberal Party of Canada.

Listening to her talk with a political science professor from the University of Victoria, it was indistinguishable from the Liberal Party Rah Rah Rah that one constantly hears on the CBC.


Anonymous said...

I constantly try and phone in (sometimes sucessfully) to call her out on exactly that.She is a liberal hack.

Horny Toad

David in North Burnaby BC said...

Christie's unbearable, I can't listen to her anymore, blood pressure just can't handle it.
I wouldn't mind if she were up front, for example Rafe Mair was a Bennett cabinet minister and he didn't pretend otherwise once he took to talk radio.
Christie, however, never mentions hubby or Burrard Communications, nor does she mention how her guest lists seem to closely resemble BurCom's client list.