Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carleton University: White Males Not Wanted

Who says the Radical Left doesn't have its favourites when it comes to hate?!? In the case of the Carleton University Students Association they have now officially voted it perfectly fine for white males to suffer much and die young.

"Whereas Cystic fibrosis has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men.... Be it resolved that: CUSA discontinue its support of this campaign." [Source]

Of course that's not the way they're trying to spin it, but that's precisely what happened at a recent vote, where it was decided that annual fundraising for Cystic Fibrosis Research was to be discontinued on a regular basis. One of the reasons cited was that this terrible disease “has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men" — and therefore is insufficiently “inclusive.”

If you don't immediately grasp the audacity of this, what would your reaction be to these hypothetical quotes:

  • "We're going to discontinue annual fundraising for breast cancer research because it's a disease that mostly affects women and is therefore insufficiently inclusive."
  • "We're going to discontinue annual fundraising for AIDS research because it's a disease that mostly affects gay men and is therefore insufficiently inclusive."
There must be a power shortage in Ottawa because there are some really dim bulbs on the Carleton student council. So much so that there's a delicious irony to this story. An irony so deep that it could swallow the entire Carleton campus. As Jonathan Kay points out, the research used by these students prior to their vote was completely flawed:

Approximately 1 in 25 people of European descent … is a carrier of a cystic fibrosis mutation. Although CF is less common in these groups, approximately 1 in 46 Hispanics, 1 in 65 Africans and 1 in 90 Asians carry at least one abnormal CFTR gene. Cystic fibrosis is diagnosed in males and females equally.

Does Carleton represent our best & brightest minds in the under-25 set, our smartest lads and lasses from across the nation?!? I think not. But who knows, fueled by such venomous political correctness and a disinterest in facts & truth, they'd be absolutely perfect for employment at the various "Human Rights" Commissions across the country. There's a rumour going around that there'll be lots of people fired there soon. Someone should suggest to the "geniuses" at Carleton to start applying soon!

Jonathan Kay was forwarded this letter from a hospital worker, who sent it to each fo the Student Council Executive members:

To whom it may concern:

I am astounded at the pathetic display of ignorance and the lack of basic humanity that is illustrated in your recent decision to remove Student Council support for the cause of Cystic Fibrosis. You may try to couch this decision in terms of just trying to spread the charitable dollars around, but it's obvious to even to most casual observer that this is simply damage control, from a Council that did not do their homework thoroughly in the first place.

I work at a major Children's Hospital, directly with the young sufferers of this terrible disease. Over the past 15 years, I have seen them and their families struggle against huge odds to survive, even to their 20th birthday. They are in hospital every 6 weeks for their entire lives, undergoing almost constant respiratory therapy. They are courageous, wise and wonderful children.

They come from many walks of life, are equally male and female, and sometimes there are multiple children in the household who have the condition. I have had families who lost both children before the age of 18. This is a tragic illness that does not deserve to be treated as a political-correctness pawn.

Last week, one of my favourite patients, whom I have been seeing for over 8 years, died just short of her 15th birthday, through massive hemorrhaging in the lungs. Two weeks before, she had been a lively, if unbelievably thin teenager, dressing up for Halloween, and helping other, smaller kids get their costumes ready. I went to her memorial, which was attended by over 250 adults and children of all races, and we mourned the passing of such a wonderful soul.

I left the service, heard the news of your decision on the radio, and was sickened by it. How closed-minded can our supposedly educated student bodies be? This girl was looking forward to attending a University, just as you are able to do, in your arrogant self-righteousness and good health. Do you refuse support for Ovarian Cancer, because it only afflicts women? Do you do the same for Alzheimer's, because it affects primarily the elderly? You have to give your heads a shake, apologize, and be better informed in the future.

This decision is a disgrace.

Paul Hooson


Brett said...

Those students ought to do some service in hospital caring those who suffer from cystic fibrosis.

What a bunch of ignorant, leftist (excuse the redundancy), twits!

nachtwache said...

Last night one of my coworkers read about this in a local paper and he was outraged.
Have universities lowered standards for admittance?

Pelalusa said...

I think where the standards have been lowered is in the "Common Sense" department of those who teach there.

From what I understand, most every university and college in the U.S. and Canada has been completely taken over by professors with a Radical Left bent. Perhaps not 100% yet but clearly in the 90%+ range.

These students quickly learn to "think" (I use the term loosely) in the same way as their academic priests. And soon you have group think ... of a most disturbing nature.

nachtwache said...

That certainly is true. Common sense is a rare commodity these days, I've renamed it 'rare' sense or 'uncommon' sense would be more apt. Group think is an excellent description. It seems people are too lazy, uncaring or dumb to think for themselves and follow like a bunch of sheep the 'feel' good ideas that are stupid if not dangerous!