Monday, November 17, 2008

Has Love Been Destroyed by Darwinism?

Here's an absolutely fascinating article about love, dating, & relationships in the New Millennium. I think I'm more depressed after reading it.

If you're interested, two fellows in Texas discuss the article here.


nachtwache said...

I haven't read it all yet ( have to get some sleep ), but much is true. I can't speak for other women, but for myself, if a man is nice and has manners it totally makes me fall for him :P I obviously need to keep control myself and not give in to any such emotions, since I'm not free to do so.
Money and gifts mean nothing to me, being loving and nice do. My husband's love language is giving/getting gifts, not hugs. We're still a work in progress and this Sunday it will be 30 years.
One thing I'm sure of, if a woman is in love with a man, she loves to hear that she's loved as well and I think many women still desire a marriage proposal. A relationship is a give and take and the more each gives, the happier both are. If one partner only takes, eventually the other will have nothing left to give.
I've learned that for a man it's really important to feel respected and maybe a bit looked up to, women definitely need to feel loved. If a guy can see his girlfriend/wife as the only woman he has eyes for, she hopefully will feel very lucky.
If a woman is demanding and selfish, she needs to grow up and should a man stick around, he hopefully won't become a doormat, but ask for more reasonable behaviour.
Geee, I could go on.... most women are not gold diggers, nor do we like jerks. :)
But we do like commitment and faithfulness.

Pelalusa said...

As the article alludes to, times have changed - dramatically. Everything you said may be true for your generation but women in their 20's & 30's and sometimes even 40's walk to the beat of a different drummer.

Perhaps it's a chicken & egg paradox - which came first, the male asshole or the gold digging woman who quite knowingly sells her affection to the highest bidder and/or strongest alpha male.

To say that such a woman isn't the rule, rather than the exception, these days is to live in the world of fantasyland.

The proverbial nice guy / gentleman can not get ahead in the romance department these days unless:
1. He finds an exception.
2. He becomes a player.

Don't take my word for it. Talk with any single guy who's willing to be honest with you.

nachtwache said...

That's really sad in that case! Wow. I think I'll stay in fantasy land :P